How to Watch The YES Network Online Without Cable

Sports fans in the Northeast United States often watch their favorite team on the YES Network. The title YES Network stands for Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network. Yankee Global Enterprises and 21st Century Fox jointly own the network. The network mostly caters to the interests of sports fans in the New York City area, and the network brings viewers a variety of sports contests, analysis and discussion. The network’s headquarters are in New York City’s historic Chrysler Building.

It used to be that you had to have cable in order to see the YES Network. You had to sign a contract and you had no say over your service. Today, though, you can access the YES Network live stream other ways.

In fact, you only need an internet connection and a modern device that can access the internet. It’s not hard to join the cable cutters and still see this fine, local interest programming. Here are the ways that you can stream the YES Network live stream, even if cable doesn’t make your cut.

Watch Yankees Live on DirecTV NOW

With just an internet connection, you can stream the best in paid television with DirecTV NOW, just like you’re watching any other kind of video content online. One service that groups just the most popular channels together for you for a low fee is DirecTV NOW. This service gives you only the channels everyone wants for $35. These channels include HGTV, TNT and TBS, and if you live in the right local area, YES Network. Depending on where you live, there are other local channels you get, too.

Try out the service for seven days for free. There are some optional upgrades, but the base channels with this service are quite good. Cancel when you want to with no complaints or fees. You don’t need any special equipment other than a streamer or your device of choice.

Sometimes, the channels available vary by region, so read carefully, especially if you’re primarily purchasing the service in order to receive a regional network. AT&T owns this service, so it’s well-run. Another perk is that, for AT&T customers, data streamed using the app doesn’t count against data caps for your phone service.

Sling TV Offers Affordable Access

If $35 per month for DirecTV is out of budget, there’s Sling TV. It’s a similar streaming service that lets you watch paid television using the internet. Sling TV sets itself apart among streaming services in that it pares the basic package down to the bare bones. The entry-level service starts at just $20 per month, and they even let you take your choice of two different basic packages. There are add-ons from there.

YES Network is available in one of the base packages, if you live in the Northeast United States. There are many other popular channels such as TBS, A&E, CNN and more. There’s no commitment and no contract at all. You can even buy only one month of service and then cancel.

Pay attention to what Sling TV offers, because there are local FOX Sports networks available regionally. If you’re fortunate enough to get YES Network, you can watch it as it airs live, just like if you watched cable. There are extra channels you can add, and these are grouped by subject matter and start at just $5 more a month.

Use the seven-day free trial if you want to, but consider signing up for three months of service off the bat, so that you can get a free Roku 2 or a discounted Roku 3. There’s an Apple-TV discount if you want that instead.

PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

PlayStation Vue is also a regional offering for YES Network. This package has the largest base channels, but you also pay the most for it of the streaming services. If you’re out of the Northeast, you’re out of luck for YES Network.

This is the best option if you want the largest base package of channels, must like cable. Depending on where you live, you can pay as much as $40 per month but in exchange, there are many channels included in the base package. The service is the most developed in large cities.

PlayStation Vue is a bit behind when it comes to compatibility for streaming, but the network is working as fast as it can to add more options. PlayStation consoles are a good option for streaming with this service. You don’t have as many options to watch away from home as with other streaming devices. There is no contract to sign and no hidden fees.