How to Watch Yankees Game Today Online Free Without Cable

The New York Yankees are one of the most famous teams in the history of professional sports. Famous Yankees come from all eras of modern-day baseball and some have even helped define the sport for what it is today. Tourists to New York City can’t help but make Yankee Stadium an important stop on their to-do list.

When you can’t head to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, you want to find another way to see the Yankees game tonight. Fortunately you can watch the Yankees win by accessing a Yankees live stream. This uses your internet connection to bring you the game, just like you would watch it on cable. This is completely legal, and there are some big companies behind these new streaming services. Keep reading to see how you can get in on the future of television services and watch the Yankees game today.

Watch Yankees Game Today Live With Sling TV (Free Trial)

Sling TV only costs $20 per month. You pay for the channels you watch the most, so the final cost is under your control. For the $20 per month, you get the Sling TV base orange package, and for $25 per month, you can get a base blue package.

If you want to see the Yankees game tonight, you want the base orange package, because it gives you TBS and ESPN. You also get ESPN2 in the base package as well as approximately 20 of the most popular channels on paid television. From there, if you want more channels, you have the option to choose them and add them to your total package. Extra packages range from $5 per month for lifestyle, kids or news channels to $15 per month for HBO.

If you live in the New York area, Sling TV is an especially good option because it comes with YES Network Streaming and that gives you a large number of Yankees games each season. The service is mobile friendly, so you can watch on your phone or computer, too. You can watch on your big-screen TV with a streaming device.

You can get a free streaming device if you agree to just three months of service. If you prefer, there’s also a seven-day trial for new joiners. There is also a discount for T-Mobile customers that can bring the bill down to just $14 per month.

Stream New York Yankees Game Online Via PlayStation Vue

Another option for New York Yankees fans is PlayStation Vue. This is a good option because you get ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS, which is similar to what Sling TV offers. They also give you Fox Sports 1 with the base Access Slim package, so it really is heavy in Yankees games for the ultimate fan.

PlayStation Vue sets itself apart from Sling TV in that it puts a large number of channels in the Access Slim package. This makes it a well-rounded option if you’re looking to share a television service with a partner or a family. In total, you get fifty channels off the bat with the option to upgrade to a few additional packages.

Streaming Live NY Yankees Game on MLB.TV

MLB.TV is another option that you could look into. This is a great choice for people who don’t want to have a television service other than watching Major League Baseball. The service is similar to other television streaming services, except that you pay by the season, not the month, and it’s all baseball, all the time.

For one price, you can watch just your favorite MLB team, or pay a little bit more to watch all of the teams. It’s important to note that you can’t watch games in your local area, so don’t try this option if you live in the New York area, because you’ll be disappointed that you can’t get Yankees games. You can get some archived content, but don’t expect to be watching the team live.

Live, Broadcast Television

Some of the major networks broadcast television for free. Don’t forget this option if you’re looking to watch the New York Yankees here and there. Fox is one network that you want to check because they typically broadcast the World Series. If you live close enough to a signal to pick up the feed, it’s absolutely free to watch. Just use a television antenna and an HD TV to find the signal and start watching. Use a Tablo DVR if you want to record the live signal to watch it later.