Watch Xavier Basketball Games Online Without Cable

Go Xavier! You’d like to support your team from Cincinnati Ohio. If you could, you would be there at the Cintas Center to cheer on the Musketeers. But maybe you won’t be close enough to watch the game live. Well, the second best thing is to watch it on cable.

There is a third option: Watch it without cable! That’s right. There are several online services that enable you to stream live Xavier basketball games online, no cable necessary. You could be anywhere, as long as you have Internet and a reliable Internet device.

Cable-free TV is becoming more popular as cable fees rise. A lot of Xavier university basketball fans don’t want to pay the high costs of cable anymore. Instead, they choose to stream the games live somewhere else. It is also possible to watch your favorite Xavier Musketeers basketball live stream for free.

Watch Xavier Games Live on Sling TV, DirecTV Now & Hulu

Most of the online services offer a 7-day free trial when you subscribe, making it very easy to get started without making a long term commitment. I am going to discuss my top three services that’s best for online sports streaming.

The three that packs the most punch for your dollar are Sling TV, DirecTV Now and the recently added Hulu Plus. For starters, Sling TV offers all the benefits of a regular cable service, but without the hassle of a huge monthly bill. You can stream live Xavier basketball games online, anytime, anywhere.

The best thing about Sling TV is that you don’t need to make a long-term commitment. You can watch the Musketeers play, without dreading the rest of the season and the ridiculously high cable bill.

If you try out Sling TV for free for seven days, and come out impressed, you will be locked into a month to month subscription for only $20. However you can cancel anytime.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now on the other hand is relatively new to the live TV industry, but they have a very interesting package that boast a ton of channels. The entry level promotional price point for DirecTV Now is $35 for 100 channels. That price point for that many channels is the best in the industry as of right now.

Hulu is the newest of the three, and they probably have the highest ceiling in terms of long term success. Hulu is the only online TV service that carries CBS, FOX, ABC and yet to be determined NBC. The cost for Hulu is said to be around $40 per month that includes all the ESPN channels and CNN.

Playstation Vue

If you don’t have a smart TV, the top choices for streaming players seem to be Roku, Google, Amazon fire stick and Apple TV. Of course, you could also use your Microsoft or Sony game console to watch Xavier university basketball on your TV through the Playstation Vue service.

Keep a lookout for the latest Roku 4 player. It will really bring the Musketeers action to life. It carries thousands of channels and has a 1080p interface, compared to the Roku 3’s only 720p. During a Xavier Musketeer’s basketball live stream, you won’t even think of cable as the ball slips through the net in crystal clarity.