How To Watch WWE Wrestling Without Cable


WWE Pro Wrestling has a huge fan base, which makes it one of the top sports streamed online. You can now watch WWE from wherever you want without a cable service by using various video streaming services. If you are a huge fan of WWE you’re probably already familiar with options like WWE Network and the SyFy network, but there are plenty of new services to consider. Check out these top video streaming services for WWE content:

WWE Network

One of the most obvious options for watching WWE Pro Wrestling online is directly from the WWE Network. At $9.99 a month you get access to live stream options for all pay-per-views, more than 6,000 hours of on-demand programming including WWE, WCW and ECW content and WWE original series like Hell in a Cell.

This service also offers comprehensive device streaming from PlayStation, XBOX, PC, Mac, mobile, tablets, Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku. WWE Network even offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers and doesn’t require a contract, meaning you can cancel any time. If you are a diehard fan you can’t go wrong with this service. Check out the free trial today!

Sling TV

Sling TV is an excellent option for people who want to stream WWE Pro Wrestling and gain access to other popular channels that are usually offered with cable. For $20 to $25 a month you can watch WWE Monday Night Raw live on any device, as well as WWE Smackdown. Your subscription also includes access to bonus sports channels that you can add onto your package, making it entirely customizable to your tastes. Before signing up you can try it out for a week for free to see if you want to subscribe. There’s no contract requirement and you can cancel at any time.


Most people are already familiar with Hulu, as one of the leading video streaming services available. While it is most often associated with hit TV shows from popular channels, it also offers every WWE series. The downside is that it is not available for live streaming as the shows aren’t available to watch until 24 hours after they have aired live. If you don’t mind watching after the fact, this is still a good option and offers a lot of other channels you may be interested in at $7.99 a month.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is another option for WWE streaming. Packages start at $29.99 to $75 and vary in channels offered starting with 60 and going to over 100 channels. Vue is particularly good for WWE because it carries both USA and SyFy. Compatible streaming devices include PlayStation 2 and 3, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices and tablets. Currently, Vue is working on offering streaming on a more devices. You can try out the service for free with a 7-day trial and see how it works for you.

WWE Online YouTube

YouTube used to the holy grail of online video, but it has fallen out of the spotlight with the insurgence of new video streaming services. However, for the purpose of WWE matches, it is still a viable tool to use. You can watch a lot of content for free on YouTube, it is just harder to find exactly what you’re looking for than other services. There is an official WWE YouTube channel you can visit that offers a lot of different clips, including top videos, backstage footage, interviews and more. This is a good place to check out periodically for extra content you can’t find on traditional streaming services.


The broadcasting rights to Monday Night Raw belong exclusively to USA. This makes it very difficult to find a legal way of streaming Monday Night Raw live. Even if you have the USA Now app downloaded, you cannot gain live access. Legally, Raw is only available for streaming 24 hours after it airs live.

The USA Now app is compatible with Roku, XBOX, Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android and Windows 8. It is also important to note that in order to use USA Now you must log in with your television provider. For those people looking to get rid of cable opt out of USA Now and use one of the services mentioned above.

WWE Live Stream:

SyFy is the only channel that you can use to live stream WWE Smack down. They have exclusive rights of the broadcasting, but luckily offer live streaming from their website. In order to do this though you must have a cable network. If you don’t have cable you can still access SyFy with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue mentioned above. The SyFy site also leads you to the WWE Network for greater coverage and should not be used as your primary means of keeping up with WWE. It’s great for supplemental coverage or as a streaming service for people with cable who want to watch WWE on a different device.


WWE fandom is worldwide, which means it’s only fair for it to be accessible internationally. Sky TV, a UK cable service, offers Now TV as a streaming device for all Sky Sports channels. You can watch sports instantly on over 60 devices. NOW TV offers a day pass, week pass or a month pass for direct access to WWE Pro Wrestling live. WWE is included in Sky Sports channels, which means there is no 24 hour wait period, you get instant access day of, live! This is an option not really given to Americans since most services only allow for next day access. If you live in the UK this is definitely worth checking out.

Interestingly enough one of the best options of watching WWE, is the international NOW TV program, but the other options are well worth checking out. With a few free trials offered, like Sling TV and WWE Network, and some tried and true methods, there are some great services to choose from. WWE Pro Wrestling has never been more accessible to fans than it is in our days.

People find it very easy to access and many funs will find it much easier to access using online Network like Sling TV.