How to Watch Washington State (WSU) Football Online

There aren’t many sports fans that know more about football than fans of the Washington State Cougars. The Cougars play conference games as part of the storied Pac-12 Conference. The turf at Martin Stadium in Pullman, Washington is ready for action each day the Cougars hit the gridiron for another exciting match up. With main rivals the Washington Huskies, Cougars fans know football and they’re serious about cheering on their favorite team.

Although the atmosphere on game day in Pullman can’t be beat, there are more ways for fans to stay up on the action than ever before. Today, fans don’t have to get bogged down in expensive cable contracts in order to see the big game. Instead, they can find the action through a number of streaming services that don’t require a contract. These streaming services bring them all the action but let them pick the channels that they watch the most, usually for a lower fee than cable. Keep reading to see how these streaming services can bring you all of the Washington State Cougars in action this season.

PlayStation Vue Is a Multi-Faceted Service

For fans who know they want a large package of channels, PlayStation Vue is a credible option. This service comes to you with all of the power of Sony. The service uses a PlayStation gaming console or a number of other streaming devices so that you can watch television channels using nothing more than your internet connection.

PlayStation Vue comes with a large number of channels included in the base package, so it starts at a higher price point than some other services. In addition, there are restrictions on using the service away from the base device, so it’s best for viewers who want to watch the Washington State Cougars primarily from home.

In addition to its live streaming service, with PlayStation Vue you can use a cloud-based DVR to watch your favorite shows when it’s best for you. There are also on-demand options in addition to live television. Fans can customize their viewing experience with optional add-on packages that allow subscribers to add their favorite channels that don’t come with the base subscription.

Sling TV Offers Many Options to Customize

One cutting-edge service that allows subscribers a lot of control over their channel selections is Sling TV. This service is one of the least expensive, at only $20 per month. The service bring you the best in sports programming as part of the base package, so you never miss a minute of the Cougars football team in action. Because of a special agreement with ABC and ESPN, the basic package gives you ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, as well as access to a stream of any game that airs on ABC.

If all of that isn’t enough, you can also choose the Sports Extra package. Sling TV developed this package especially for sports fans, and it’s only an extra $5 per month on top of the base package price. With this option, you get to watch ESPNU and ESPN News whenever you want to tune in. And Sling TV makes it easy to watch on your terms. One login gets you access to both the WatchESPN App and Sling TV’s dashboard, so you can view all of your account details.

Use a Tablo DVR

Another way to watch the biggest games is with a Tablo DVR. You can start with a television and a traditional broadcast antenna. This combination allows you to find the biggest games that broadcast in your area. As long as you can pick up a signal within the broadcast range of the television station that’s airing the game, you can watch the game absolutely free. Then, you can use your Tablo DVR to record the game. You can pause the game whenever you need to, rewind, and fast forward through commercials or parts you don’t want to watch. You can also watch the big win over and over again. There is never a cost to broadcast television.

Find the Game With Hulu

Another way that fans can find Washington State in action is with Hulu’s streaming service. This new option, like PlayStation Vue, comes with a large number of the most popular base channels. For sports fans who also like the latest in unique television content, Hulu is unique among streaming services in that they also offer specially-produced television content, created just for Hulu subscribers. And Hulu is a great option for the whole family, because the service has a special agreement The Walt Disney Company, so subscribers get premium access to the best that Disney has to offer.

CBS All Access

Powerhouse CBS is in on the streaming action for Washington State fans with its All Access service. CBS All Access is a service that allows viewers to take in the best of CBS, wherever it airs all over the country. For just $5.99 per month, you get to tune in to whatever any CBS affiliate is airing, anywhere in the country, using your internet stream. Most, but not all, CBS affiliates are a part of this cutting-edge program. Fans can pay a little bit more an receive a version without ads. All Access really is all access, because subscribers also get the best of CBS programming in an on-demand format.

TuneIn Gives You Radio Access

Another way to get in on the Washington State football action is with TuneIn. This is a technology that allows you to listen to a radio broadcast of the big game, even if you are nowhere near the radio station that’s airing the game. Just use TuneIn to find the radio station that’s airing the game and use the internet to play the feed of the radio broadcast.

These streaming services allow you to skip the costly cable and find a package that suits your needs. With these new options, you can watch all of the Washington State Cougars football in action this year. With a variety of different base services and options to customize the service you order, these new services allow you to get in the game on your own terms.