How to Watch World Series Live Without Cable Online Free

There are few events of fall that are more spectacular than the World Series. Each fall, fans gather around their television sets to watch their favorite team try to make it all the way to the World Series. Some fans wait their entire lives for the rare opportunity to see their team win it all. Each playoff season the boys of fall bring excitement and a few surprises to the baseball diamond.

Fans are willing to go all out to see their favorite teams, but that doesn’t mean that they want to pay a fortune to watch the game on cable. Cable is expensive, and with cumbersome equipment and hours to wait for service providers, cable has gotten its final out. Instead, today, people are turning to internet-based streaming television. If you want to watch World Series without cable, you have lots of better options available today.

What is Streaming Television?

Streaming tv is tv brought to you with only your internet and a device that you probably already have. If you have a computer, laptop or tablet with internet, that’s all you need to watch streamed television. You can watch on a smartphone, too, and most internet streaming services today are compatible with both iphone and Android. Television is still on television, too, even when it’s streamed, so if you have an internet streaming device that sends the internet signal to your television set and you can watch that way.

Are These Services Legal?

Yes! The internet-based television that is available today is completely legal. The television companies are in on it and they get a share of the profits from your subscription. The good news, though, is that these companies are competing for your business. That means lower prices and more control for the consumer than you’re used to with cable. There’s also no service provider to wait around for half a day for when you sign up. Instead, you can watch World Series without cable in literally just a few minutes. There are big-name companies behind this service and you can get started watching right now.

Sling TV

One example of a streaming service where you can find the World Series without cable is Sling TV. This service starts at just $20 or $25 per month, depending on your choice of basic packages. You can get FOX on-demand in the Sling Blue package, which is $25 per month. That package is rich in FOX and NBC sports programming. There are extra packages that you can add as well, or you can just pay for the $25 per month price with no minimum contract to worry about. That alone is enough to get you the World Series.

Sling TV is also sure to bring you regional FOX networks with the service. These can greatly improve your sports watching options. There are other packages that you can consider adding like movie channels, children’s channels and news channels, but the basic packages contain more than twenty of the best channels, so it’s up to you.

The service has extra promotions to get you to sign on. You can try the service out free for seven days without having to pay a thing. If three months of service is on the table for you, take advantage of a discount on Apple TV or Roku 3, or get a Roku 2 absolutely free.

There are other streaming services out there that offer a range of programming, but Sling TV is the leader in offering FOX sports programming. There are other sport-specific streaming services available that are discussed later in the article. If what you’re looking for is a generic television service that also allows you to watch World Series without cable, Sling TV is likely your best bet.

One place for you to look for the World Series streamed is This is a service that’s completely from Major League Baseball, and it only gives you baseball. For one price, you can follow just your team for an entire season of baseball. This is about $85 per season. For a little bit more you can get all of the teams, but you need to make sure you won’t hit local blackouts. Because of the local blackouts, this service is best for fans who live outside the locale of their favorite team.


Another place to look for a stream of the World Series is ESPNRadio, but obviously, this is just radio and not a television stream. Even so, it might work for you, depending on your situation. ESPN is a reputable sports broadcasting service and the broadcasts are high quality with accurate and skilled commentary.

DirecTV Now, Hulu & Playstation Vue

You can also stream live world series coverage on DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, Hulu, Youtube and even Twiter. These online platforms do not require that you have a cable subscription. The only thing that you need is an internet connection to stream live content from these five platforms. You can try them for free for -days before you are locked into a monthy package.

Free Broadcast Television

Some things in life are still free, and the World Series on FOX is one of them. If you have a television and a antenna that are both high definition, you can find the channel over the airways. You have to live near a broadcast location for a FOX station. Make sure that your antenna is strong, otherwise you might have trouble picking up the signal.