How to Watch Wisconsin Basketball Online Without Cable

Fans of the Wisconsin basketball team will no longer have to subject themselves to the ridiculously high cost of cable TV anymore. For years, alternatives to cable TV weren’t available to Badger fans, or any sport fans until recently with the influx of live internet base television.

Wisconsin basketball has a rich history of winning games they shouldn’t, and reaching the final four when expectations said they couldn’t do it. If you are a fan, missing a Badgers game isn’t an option, but the cost of cable TV is so unfair that you are considering getting rid of cable. However the question arises – how do you continue watching live Wisconsin games without cable?

Here’s a few cable TV alternatives that can solve your quest to watch live Badgers’ games without cable.

Watch Sports on Sling TV For Free

Sling TV is one of the first live TV streaming services on the market. They’ve really set the standards for quality online TV streams. Although Sling TV has a host of channels, the ones that are most important to college basketball fans are ESPN and ESPN2. Well because ESPN is such a vital channel for sport fans, Sling TV does carry the entire ESPN channels including ESPNU, ESPN2 and ESPNews.

Many Badger games are featured on the ESPN network so it is vital that any online streaming service carry ESPN. Subscribing to Sling TV comes with a lot of benefits, but none are more important than the 7 day free trial offer to brand new members. Because of the free trial, you can essential stream live Wisconsin basketball games online for free for seven days.

Live Stream Wisconsin Basketball Games on Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is another potential landing spot for Badger fans who are looking to ditch cable, but still want to catch Badger games online.

Vue sort of work like Sling TV in that it broadcast live television online. The difference with Vue is that they have some exclusive channels that you cannot get anywhere else.

Best way to stream vue content is through a Roku player, PS3 and PS4, iPhone, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. Vue isn’t a household name quite yet like Sling TV, but they are trending in the right direction.

Just like Sling TV, Playstation Vue offers a 7 day free trial period, where you can test drive the service before you commit long term.

Sign Up to DirecTV Now And Watch Badgers Game Live

DirecTV Now is multipurpose online TV site that allows people to enjoy both popular TV shows like The Waking Dead, live sport games, and newly released movies. DirecTV Now is powered by tech giant, AT&T. Because DirecTV Now is so new to the market, it is hard to pick it over Sling TV, whose been doing it a lot longer.  Similar to Vue and Sling TV, DirecTV Now offers a free trial of seven days.