How to Watch Wimbledon Without cable Free

To most people, Wimbledon needs no introduction. They hear the name and they associate it with the longest-running elite tennis tournament in the world. Wimbledon is part of the Grand Slam series of tennis tournaments. That makes it one of the toughest tennis tournaments in the world. All of the world’s best tennis players dream of winning Wimbledon.

The All England Club is home to the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and Wimbledon is a part of busy London. Players have to wear white or mostly white while they play. The English royal family regularly makes appearances at the tournament and it’s customary for players to greet the royal family. It’s a tough ticket to find a way to watch Wimbledon in person, but a lot of people watch on television.

Wimbledon in the United States

Wimbledon is popular to watch in the United States, just like it is across the pond in Europe. The biggest sports stars play at Wimbledon, and Americans turn on their devices to watch the biggest plays throughout the tournament. American television broadcasters compete for the rights to broadcast the tournament. Right now, ESPN broadcasts the tournament in the United States.

Watch Wimbledon Live Stream Without Cable

You don’t need cable to watch Wimbledon on television. Cable and television aren’t best buddies, anymore. Instead, you can watch television using an internet connection, instead. You have lots of options to watch a Wimbledon live stream in the United States, and it’s legal. Prices are lower than ever before and you can customize your own service. Read more to find out your options.

Sling TV Offers Internet Streaming Free Trial

Sling TV is a great place to find Wimbledon without a cable contract. Sling TV is full of ABC and ESPN channels, so you get a lot of Wimbledon coverage. You can choose between two base levels of channels, which give you just the most popular channels. The entry-level price point is just $20 or $25 per month, depending on your channel package of choice. The entry-level package has more than twenty channels and you can watch each one as much as you want.

From there, you can add on more channels if you want to. You might find that the base package is all you need though, because if contains ESPN, ESPN3 and ESPN2. With those three channels alone, you get to see a lot of the Wimbledon live stream each year. If you want more, you can add on a Sports Extra package that costs only $5 more each month.

There are other things you can add on, too. If you like kid’s programming there’s an extra package for that. There’s something similar if you like movies. You choose how many add ons you want, so ultimately the price of each month’s service is in your hands. You can cancel at any time and make changes whenever you want to. You’re the one in the driver’s seat with Sling TV.

You can try Sling TV for free for seven days. There’s no commitment. There are some offers that you might consider taking advantage of, like a free or discounted Roku with a few months of service off the bat. With Sling TV, you can be watching in as little as five minutes.

Live Stream Tennis on PlayStation Vue

Another way to get ESPN and the Wimbledon live stream is with Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Vue. With this streaming service, you get more than fifty-five channels in the base package. That means that you might be happy with just the base service without any add-on extras. The base package is a little bit more than Sling TV, and it sets you back $30 or $40 per month.

PlayStation Vue also puts some of their content on demand for access on your own time. Try a seven-day trial to see if you like the service. There’s no commitment. You can stream the service with a PlayStation console or choose a number of compatible devices for streaming.

Watch Wimbledon On DirecTV NOW

AT&T owns this streaming service, and it features multiple price points and options. Entry-level service is $35 per month, but they offer one of the biggest channel options of any streaming service. The most basic level of service includes ESPN and you can get more ESPN channels if you upgrade to a higher level of service. There are not many customer restrictions with this service so it’s a great way to get the Wimbledon live stream.

With all of these options, you can choose your pick of a number of ways to watch Wimbledon. The leading streaming options include ESPN. You can choose what you want to pay and keep the service for as long as you like. That’s a winning match.