How to Watch White Sox Game Today Without Cable For Free

The Chicago White Sox have been inspiring fans from Chicago’s south side since the early 1910s. The team has won the World Series title. Fans stream to the stadium to watch their favorite team fight to win each game.

Fans want to watch all of the action from Chicagoland’s south side. If you’re looking for the White Sox live stream, you don’t have to turn to cable. There are other options that allow you to see your favorite team without having to plunk down a small fortune to see cable tv. These new services use the internet you already have to bring you the same great television at a much lower price.

Is It Legal?

Yes, this is a completely legal way to see the White Sox game tonight and every other night. The television channels are in on the deal, and they are happy to have new ways to go around the cable company and bring you your favorite channels. Big name communication companies like Sony and Dish Network are just some of the companies that have developed these new television services.

How Does It Work?

If you have a fast internet connection, you can get a lot of data at once. In fact, you can get so much data that you can watch live television. The new streaming services capitalize on this capability and they send you a live feed of the White Sox game as it airs on a television channel.

Consumers have more choices than ever before with these services. Huge packages for channels you never watch are largely a thing of the past. Services start at just $20 per month. Ultimately, you can choose the services that you want to arrive at the price you want to pay and the channels you watch the most. Few of these services have any commitments, but you can often get a special deal if you agree to as much as three months of service with Sling TV, one of the streaming companies.

Watch White Sox Games Live on Sling TV (Free Trial)

Sling TV is an internet television leader. With over a million subscribers, it has quickly become a household name. This service is only $20 per month for basic service with no hidden fees and no long contracts.

Sling TV comes from Dish Network and the base package has about 20 of the best channels you could ever want. These channels include ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS, so it’s a great way to watch the Chicago White Sox game today. These channels air many White Sox games throughout the season. Other great channels in the base package include TNT, CNN, A&E and Food Network.

If you want even more, you can take your pick of extra channels. These channels are in smaller groups so you can just select the ones that you want. Try getting that deal from a cable company. Most of the channel packages are $5 more per month each. They range from lifestyle channels to movie channels to news and children’s programming. HBO is more, at $15 per month, but the control you have with this streaming service is still a great way to see all of your favorite White Sox games tonight.

Stream White Sox Game Today Live on PlayStation Vue

Another great way to see the White Sox game tonight is with PlayStation Vue. This service is best to watch in one location, because there are fewer options to watch away from home than there are with Sling TV. There are some upsides, though, because the service has a larger base channel package, and Fox Sports 1 is included in the Access Slim base package, along with ESPN and TBS.

With this service, you choose from four different packages. They are Access Slim, Core, Elite and Ultra. There are optional add-ons, too, and they include HBO. There is also a TV Everywhere app that allows some mobile access, but users complain that it is too restrictive.

Live Streaming Baseball Games On MLB.TV

Major League Baseball offers a streaming service that serious fans can take advantage of. For Chicago White Sox fans, it’s best if you don’t live in the area, because local blackouts mean that you can’t watch if you live in the local area. Unlike the other streaming services, you pay by the season, not the month. You can choose to follow all the teams or just subscribe to one team.

Watch White Sox Games Locally using an OTA Antenna

Many Major League Baseball games are still free locally when using an OTA antenna. You can watch on television, just like your father and mother did in past generations, and their parents did, too. A Tablo DVR can be a helpful addition if you go this route, because it allows you to record the games for playback.

Other Ways to Watch Baseball Games, Movies and TV Shows Online without a Cable Subscription