What is Rabbit, Review and Cost

With modern ways to watch television sweeping the market, cable is quickly becoming old news. Smart viewers today know that they don’t have to put up with cable, anymore. Cable has notoriously bad customer service, and no one wants to spend four hours waiting for a cable service person to show up sometime in the middle of a long window.

Television is moving online. You can watch your favorite television shows streamed right to you using an internet connection. It’s just like you would watch YouTube or any other video online. Internet connections these days are fast, so you can watch clear video without any streaming problems, at your own convenience. Cable is running scared as viewers turn to these new services in droves.

What is Rabbit TV?

As television viewers look for alternatives to big, expensive cable services, they might ask the question, What is Rabbit TV? You might have heard about the service and not know what it’s about. You might wonder if it’s the right way for you to cut the cable and still see your favorite shows.

It’s true that Rabbit TV is one of the new services that is booming. People often ask how it works and if it’s easy to navigate. They also wonder who produces the service and what it has to offer. Keep reading to find out the answers to your questions about what is Rabbit TV.

A Service of FreeCast, Inc.

FreeCast is based in Orlando, Florida. The service is a device that you buy, via a USB stick. There’s an internet-based interface, too, and you can find that at rabbittvgo.com. It also works on your smart phone. The service combines a lot of online television content for you in one convenient place. There are live sports, news shows, television series and more.

A Band of the Best

Rabbit TV is unique because it knows what the viewer wants to see. It puts all of the best free content available in one place so that you don’t have to look around for it in different places. It’s not expensive to have that convenience, either. You pay only $2 per month for Rabbit TV’s basic service. That’s a low price to pay for all of that time saving.

What You Get

Rabbit TV gives you access to thousands of movies and television shows. Lots of these are from over-the-air broadcast television, but Rabbit TV brings it to you in one convenient place and makes it easy for you to find without spending hours scrolling through long menus. Rabbit TV gives you a free television antenna, too.

The Rabbit TV Upgrade

If you don’t mind a bit higher price point, Rabbit TV has another option that puts your favorite streamed subscription television in the same place. That way, you don’t have to switch back and forth between your paid television subscription, such as Sling TV, and your free content with Rabbit TV. Instead, there’s only one guide and only one place for you to go to watch television. This is a convenient way to save time, since the explosion of internet streamed television has resulted in many different available services, including Sling TV as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

An Attractive Combination

Many Rabbit TV viewers combine their subscription with Sling TV. This is a great way to get the best of paid and free television content in one convenient location. It also gives the subscriber a lot of choice over exactly what they get and how much they pay.

Sling TV is only $20 per month, and if gives you the best of paid television in one place. From there, you can add other premium channels if you want to, but you can pay only $20 per month for as long as you want to. There are no commitments, and you get more than twenty of the most-watched channels for just the low entry-level cost.

Lots of viewers find that they combine this Sling TV subscription with Rabbit TV, and it conveniently puts all of the best of television in one place. There is no need to shuffle between services because the services work together, so you want watch television instead of reading menus and scrolling through task bars. Sling TV offers a free trial and several promotional offers so you can see how this could work for you.

Installing Rabbit TV

Some new subscribers wonder how to install Rabbit TV. If you want to answer the question, what is Rabbit TV, this is an important thing to know. You can use Rabbit TV with your smart phone, so it works with both the iOS and the Android. The good news, though, is that you can also use Rabbit TV on a computer. You just use the USB stick for installation.

Rabbit TV is available via the Good Play Store or the Apple Store, so you don’t need the USB stick to use Rabbit TV on your phone. The same USB works on both a PC and a Mac computer. There is an installation wizard to make it easy for you. Don’t try to use the USB on your smart phone, though, because it doesn’t work. Use the Play Store or the Apple Store to find what you need for your phone.

How to Use Rabbit TV

Once you login, the dashboard is actually the category for popular television shows. That’s easy enough if that’s what you want to watch, but there’s also a task bar at the top of the page that gives you other options such as movies and live television. From there, it’s pretty intuitive to select the categories and then the shows that you want to watch. They organize movies by genre and there is also a search bar so you can find what you’re looking for that way.

Movie Rental Option

You can also use Rabbit TV to rent movies. Be a bit careful, though because some are free and some are not. Make sure you know if it’s available for free or not so you’re not surprised later on.

A Television Connection

Roku isn’t compatible with Rabbit TV, but you can still connect Rabbit TV to your television set. Use an HDMI cord to connect to your computer. You can also run it with Chromecast or Apple TV.

If someone asks you what is Rabbit TV, you can answer that it’s an easy way to see free television in one place. The price is low, and you can also use it in combination with other paid television subscription services. This makes television convenient. Spend your time watching television, not reading cable menus or paying costly cable bills.