What is Pluto TV, Streaming Free TV Online

Man, cord cutters sure have it difficult these days, especially those that enjoy the thrill of sports such as baseball, soccer, football, and basketball. Big cable companies want you to pay to view their content online, and if you don’t have a subscription set up to a box in your home, you are simply out of luck. But, you might be lucky since you’ve stumbled onto Pluto TV, an innovative solution to streaming sports for those that have ditched their cable boxes and cling tightly to their computer screens.

Pluto TV is a different service in that it doesn’t require any sort of fee, like Netflix or Hulu, and you’ve instantly got dozens of channels at your disposal, including those hard-to-find sports broadcasting stations.

How Does Pluto TV Work?

Well, if you’ve cut the cord to your cable company you probably already know about websites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. These sites provide valuable content to entertain the masses when they don’t have a television set up to a cable box.

Pluto TV runs in a very similar fashion to different satellite services. You can load up a guide, select the channel you want to watch, and even add tags to your favorite shows. Pluto TV is able to do this by importing a massive amount of live streaming data from websites like DailyMotion and Vimeo, and if you’re already familiar with the internet and its various forms of streaming, you most likely know what both of those sites are.

Pluto TV takes the live streams of the most popular channels being broadcast from multiple sources all over the web to give you content for free. If you download the Pluto TV app, you instantly have dozens of channels to entertain yourself with. Catch up on your favorite shows and watch your favorite sports all for free. By downloading the app, you can stream Pluto TV on every device you own; tablets, phones, and computers.

Surely There is a Catch?

Nope, no catch here. Everything with Pluto TV is free. The only downside to some is that most everything is a rerun, but that’s okay, because after all, you’re not paying a monthly fee for it like you are with Netflix or with Hulu. You can catch up on your favorite shows actively, or run it in the background while you’re doing something else.

What Features Does it Have?

Cable and satellite companies have quite the impressive look. So does Pluto TV. There’s a guide, and you can even set timers to watch your favorite shows. Not only that, they also mimic most companies’ additions to record streams while you’re not watching. Pluto saves the streaming links automatically for you to watch when you want and where you want, so there’s no nasty ads plaguing your computer if you try to pull up the link from some other website like Vodlocker.

Pluto also offers a chat service in real time to whatever you happen to be watching so if you’re in the mood to be social you have the ability to discuss what you are streaming with other Pluto users. Of course, if you’re not the social type, you don’t have to participate either, so it works whether you’re a social butterfly or a silent observer.

How Can I Use It?

Like most other streaming services, Pluto can be accessed at any time through the browser that you have downloaded on your personal computer. In addition to computers, there is an app in the App Store and Google Play for both IPhone and Android users, so you need not fear your choice of cellular device.

If you’re a bit more versatile with your streaming options, Pluto also has an app for the Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast; these devices are plugged into your television’s USB slot and it’s almost like you have satellite service again, only without the hefty price tag!

That being said, the Pluto app runs on any tablet you may come across, so if you want a bigger screen than a phone but want to be able to watch anywhere, Pluto has you covered on both Android and iOS devices.

If you have a Roku Player (another USB device), there is no app for Pluto, but you can connect Roku to your phone and live stream the video from your phone to the Roku, thus displaying the show you’re wanting to watch on the big screen.

Pluto TV Sounds Awesome!

And indeed it does! While the features mimic those that you are used to on the big screen, some of the services and streaming capabilities might come across as lackluster. Please remember that Pluto is a new service and is sure to advance itself in the future! The company has already struck deals with big names like Hulu and Bloomberg.

In the future, who knows what exactly is to come? When more users download the app, Pluto will be come more popular. When Pluto becomes more popular, the opportunities for this fantastic service will widen and encompass new horizons. If you’re looking to stream over one hundred channels without paying a dime, consider using Pluto TV. It might be in its early stages, but that just means that you’ve start using it before it was viral.

Plus, you’ll catch some much needed updates on your favorite sports teams, watch reruns of your favorite shows, and maybe even catch on to a new show you didn’t even know existed. Remember that downloading the app is completely free, and if you have decided to ditch your satellite company, Pluto TV is a great alternative for those looking to substitute their daily intake of shows and movies.

Most of the content might be reruns or older movies, but it’s still a fantastic source of entertainment; all free. Even if you subscribe monthly to services like Netflix and scour YouTube for your daily dose of entertainment, Pluto TV is definitely a unique weapon to add to your arsenal of time killing steaming content. You don’t have to pay a cent for it, sign up is free, hands down, and you can watch the channels anywhere, any time, on any device of your preference.