What is Crackle TV?

Cable is starting to crack. Viewers have long complained that cable doesn’t offer enough choice. You don’t get to choose what channels come in the cable package, so you end up paying for channels you never, ever use. Cable makes you sign on for long contracts, so you’re stuck paying for service, even if the cable company doesn’t perform. Today, cable consumers are cutting the cord and kicking cable to the curb. The cable company shutters each time someone says, What is Crackle TV?

Internet Content

Crackle TV laughs at the idea that cable is required to watch your favorite television shows. Crackle knows better. Today, you just need the internet and your favorite device. You can watch on your laptop as you relax with a cup of coffee at the end of a long day. You can watch with friends as you sit against a tree in a park. All you need is an internet connection and your computer, phone or television with a streaming device.

Crackle Basics

Sony Pictures Entertainment owns Crackle, so you know it’s a big company with a lot of resources. Crackle brings you television shows, big-name movies and even some original web-based shows. The service has been around since 2000, though it has operated under other names.

Sony purchased the service as Grouper in 2006. Since the purchase, Crackle quickly expanded its offerings and its compatibility. This made it compatible with Roku and Blu-Ray, and they developed apps for smart phone use. Xbox and Blackberry compatibility soon followed. Crackle focuses on some specific genres, including Comedy, Crime, Action, Horror, Drama and Science Fiction. Their top original hits include Chosen, Sports Jeopardy! and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures are just a few content partners, so the movie availability is vast.

Crackle TV is a Cable Alternative

With so many options today, sometimes television consumers wonder what is Crackle TV. Because it is compatible with so many devices and it has such great content, Crackle TV is a cable television alternative for smart consumers. Crackle competes with other top television streaming and aggregating services such as Sling TV, Hulu and Netflix for the most discerning television consumers.

What You Get

With Crackle TV, you get to watch movies for free. You get video content and television. This is a well-established service, so they’ve gotten all the kinks out. It’s both web-based television service and online movies for free. It’s the best of all worlds so that you can turn on some crackle when you just need to unwind. The service says that it targets men’s interests, but the light hearted comedies and science fiction offerings impress many women, too.

Ways To Use Crackle

Sony and Crackle know that you don’t just watch television in one place any more. You watch on your phone, then you watch on your computer, and sometimes you even go old school and watch television on television. This means they give you just as many ways and places to access your benefits.

You can start on their website, www.crackle.com. That’s a great place to find television or movie flicks all in one place. Another option is the crackle app on your phone. You can find the app in the Google Play Store.

Crackle does better than most streaming services when it comes to making the service available on your existing device. It’s not just Apple and Android, either. You can use your Nook, Windows tablet or Kindle to watch with Crackle. Use Verizon, Sony or Google to watch on a connected TV. Streaming devices that you can use include Tivo, Google, Sony and Roku. There is also the option to use a gaming console such as PlayStation 3 or Xbox.

High Quality with a Fast Connection

You need to have a fast internet connection to use Crackle. That’s because the video streams are such high quality. If all you have is dial-up internet, the service isn’t going to work well. You might also check your high-speed internet connection to make sure it’s fast enough; if your connection is 500 kbps or less, you might have trouble getting a good feed and you might have problems along the way.

True to its compatibility promises, you can answer the question, what is Crackle TV, by using a number of internet browsers. The service is supported with a late-model Internet Explorer browser, including Internet Explorer 7.0 and up. Google Chrome is another supported browser, and you can find success with Firefox, too. Enable JavaScript and Cookies so that you get good results. You also want Adobe Flash Player at least 10.0.22 and up. Your operating system also makes a difference, so make sure that you have Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows 7 or Mac OS X.

Specific Genres

Crackle finds its niche in offering specific genres for a target audience. While that audience is admittedly male, lots of women get into what Crackle TV has to offer, too. The programs are chosen with a hearty laugh and exciting action in mind. For this reason, you find a lot of hand-picked shows in the genres of horror, comedy and sci-fi. There is nostalgia tv to be had, too, including Different Strokes and Sanford and Son.

For a cartoon good time check out Ironman and Astro-Boy. You can also check out The Prisoner. Users report a high level of satisfaction with the free movies available. If you want to laugh with Dennis Rodman or Joe Dirt, you are never disappointed with Crackle TV.

Customization Options

You also have the options to customize your service. This means you can subscribe to your favorite shows and group shows into playlists. Comment on videos and rate them so that other viewers know what you think.

Sign Up Today

To sign up for Crackle TV, just go to their website and find the Register button. Look at the top right corner of the page. There is a bit of information to fill in and then you click join. The website has a page of information called Crackle FAQ and they can answer any additional questions that you have. There is no cost to use Crackle’s streaming service. Just activate today and start watching.

With Crackle TV, you can cozy up with coffee or tea and watch on your laptop. You can watch in the woods while you take a camping trip with friends. Invite friends over to watch on the big screen using your PlayStation 3 or other device. It beats paying for cable channels. The choice is now yours to enjoy your favorite content online with internet streaming.