What is Apple TV?

Apple’s long awaited live streaming TV app is now complete with a built in unified search feature, which makes it super easy to find movies and TV shows on Apple TV devices such as iPhones, and iPads. The function works the same as a TV guide, but much faster across multiple apps.

The only missing ingredient to this innovative new platform is there is no Netflix (if you can believe it). Netflix which is one of the most popular video streaming service, which boast an upwards of 40 million plus subscribers is mysteriously missing from their search function.

Hundreds of popular apps have already signed on like BBC, Starz, CBS, Hulu, and NBC. ‘Tim Cook mention that they have around 8,000 apps across every category, and well over 1600 apps for video content. If this is true, they really don’t need Netflix to boast their database. However I would really question the popularity of these so called 8,000 apps.

The Breakdown

Apple’s new app for Apple TV’s iPhone and iPADS  was designed to simplify things by making it really simple for users to access  live TV shows and movies all in one place across a multitude of different apps – similar to a TV guide. No longer will you have to search through individual apps to find what you are looking for.

With Apple’s new App you can search for content from any supported applications that you are subscribed to that includes movies that you’ve already purchased.

Netflix and Amazon Missing

One of the most shocking exclusion in Apple’s new app is Netflix. Subscribers can still search for TV shows and movies within the Netflix app individually on Apple TV, but it isn’t part of the unified search platform.

I’m not quite sure why, but I am guessing Netflix didn’t want to release its search capabilities exclusivity to Apple. That is just a guess, but from a business stand point, I understand why Netflix maybe a little hesitant in allowing Apple to bypass its app when it has a similar function within its own app.

Amazon is also missing from the platform, which makes since as Amazon is probably building a similar service on its own Amazon prime service.

The new Apple App contains 4 sections:

  • Watch Now
  • Library
  • Store
  • Search

Watch Now allows users to continue to stream TV shows from where you left off, and suggest new similiar shows that are related based on your surfacing activity.

You can also utilize Siri to immediately access other content like NFL football games that are streaming live on Twitter, Spotlight and What To Watch section.

The new Apple Application was created to work on the Apple TV, but when you look through its functionality and review it, you will notice it offers the same functional benefit on both iPhones and iPads.