Watch PAC 12 Network Online Free Without Cable

The Pac-12 conference represents some of the finest teams in college sports. Many legendary teams play in the conference that keeps fans enthralled across the Western United States. The member teams of the Pac-12 conference participate in more than twenty intercollegiate sports. There are twelve member schools located in six different states in the Western United States.

The Pac-12 conference can brag that collectively, it has more NCAA championship titles than any other conference. This is why they call the Pac-12 the Conference of Champions. Stanford, UCLA and USC are some of the most successful schools in NCAA history, and they face off against each other in the Pac-12. Many alumni of the Pac-12 sports teams go on to successful professional athletics careers.

If you’re a fan of the Pac-12, you probably want to make sure that you can see your favorite team and scout your biggest rivals. You might wonder how you can see the stars of the Pac-12 without coughing up big bucks to sign on for costly cable. With cable, you don’t get to choose your favorite channels and you don’t have a say over what you pay.

The good news is, there are new ways to see your favorite college sports team shine in the Pac-12 without a cable package that just weighs you down. The Pac-12 Network now comes to you in a new way, with internet streaming technology. Sling TV is on the cutting edge of modern television technology. This service uses an internet connection to bring you all of the highly anticipated Pac-12 contests without making you sign on for costly cable. Sling TV is a great service that allows you to follow the best in sports programming at all levels, whether college or professional.

Sling TV Streams the Pac-12 Network Live Free Trial

Sling TV is a new way to get the best television channels without subscribing to a cable service. The way the technology works is by using the internet to bring you the programming. You just use the internet service you already have and connect. The internet sends the programming to your television if you have a compatible television streamer, or it sends the programming to a computer, iOS or Android phone.

Sling TV recently added the Pac-12 Network to its attractive package of available channels. Until Sling TV brought this channel in, ESPN was the primary way to see the Pac-12 with streaming technology. But Sling TV listened to you, the fans, and added the Pac-12 Network to its attractive array of channel offerings. The addition gives you access to more games and a much wider variety of sports than previously available with ESPN.

When Sling TV decided to add the Pac-12 Network, they decided to do it right. When you get the Pac-12 Network with Sling TV, you get all six regional feeds. You can choose which of the feeds you want to watch so you can customize your service in the way that suits you best. And there are no blackouts based on your location, so you can watch your favorite team whether you are near or far from where they play.

To get the Pac-12 Network with Sling TV, first you have to subscribe to one of Sling TV’s base packages of channels. There are two base packages, the Orange package for $20 per month and the Blue package for $25 per month. The Orange package focuses on ABC and ESPN channels, so you get ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 with the $20 cost. The Blue package focuses on NBC and FOX channels, including many specialty sporting channels produced by these networks.

From there, you need to add the Sports Extra package in order to get the Pac-12 Network. Don’t worry, it’s only an extra $5 per month on top of the base fee. This extra package gives you many more sports channels that don’t already come in the base network. The Sports Extra package also includes a number of professional sports teams such as NBA TV, NFL RedZone and NHL Network.

Dish Network created Sling TV as a subsidiary. There are other add-on packages available, too, such as Kids Extra, Hollywood Extra and World News Extra. There are no limits to how many packages you can add and each is a small extra fee each month. HBO, Cinemax and Starz are premium movie channels that you can also add a la carte.

Sling TV offers you a seven-day service to see if you like their services. They never make you sign a contract, and they have a friendly user interface so you can easily use your services as soon as you sign up. You can use the service from month to month for as long as you like.

Sling TV offers several promotions in order to encourage you to sign on to their revolutionary service. They give you the option to agree to three months of service. If you do, you get your choice of a few options. One option is a free Roku. If you go with this option you have the ability to see Sling TV on your television. There are other ways to connect using streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV.

If that’s not your style, you can still sign up for three months of service and get a heavy discount on Apple TV in return for your loyalty. Even T-Mobile customers get another perk, with a straight thirty percent off their bill. Sling TV has earned awards for its revolutionary service that gains new subscribers each day.

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Right now, Sling TV is the only method for streaming the Pac-12 Network through an internet connection. Perhaps this might change in the future, but Sling TV is the gold standard for streaming services, so it’s not surprising that they were the first streaming service to add the popular Pac-12 Network. Sling TV still offers exceptional service for fans who want to see an outstanding collection of sports channels at a rock bottom price. Plus you get a free trial to test out the service for seven days.

Pac-12 fans can kick cable off the team and sign on for new revolutionary streaming services that bring them the Pac-12 Network without cable. As long as they have the internet, they can get these outstanding television services. Cable isn’t required. Get Sling TV and see the best of the Pac-12 everywhere you go.