Watch Gravity Falls Online Free Without Cable

Gravity Falls is one of the most popular shows on television today. The Disney Channel is the brainchild behind this hit animated show. The show had humble beginnings as an art project for a student at the California Institute of the Arts. The Disney Channel loved the concept and began plans to produce the show in 2012.

The show’s concept comes from the creator’s childhood experiences with his twin sister. In the series, the children live in a fictitious town with their great uncle. The small town has more to it than meets the eye. The children soon begin investigating local mysteries. The show has won many awards and has earned even more award nominations in its short history.

While Gravity Falls remains one of the most popular animated television series available today, fans don’t want to have to pay for huge cable packages in order to get to see the show. They want to know if there’s a way that they can watch online. Cable packages don’t give viewers any say over the price of the package and the channels involved. For people who want to watch Gravity Falls, they want to know if there’s a better way to see their favorite show.

Online Streaming Options

Fortunately, today, there are options. You don’t need cable to see your favorite shows, anymore. Today, you can use online streaming to watch your favorite shows with internet streaming. If you have an internet connection, you can watch Gravity Falls episodes without having to pay for cable. If you have a compatible device, you can see these episodes without having to plunk down prime dollars for a cable package. Just use the internet and watch your favorite shows.

Sling TV Offers Gravity Falls

A great way to watch Gravity Falls episodes online is with Sling TV. This service is the leader in online television technology. Sling TV brings you the Disney Channel and many other of the most popular channels, all at one low price. Entry level service starts at just $20 per month.

With Sling TV, you need a compatible device and the internet. Examples of compatible devices are a television with a streaming device, a computer or a smartphone. Then, once you have your compatible device, you log in with your credentials and start watching your favorite channel. It’s that easy. You just need the internet and the device of your choice and you’re good to go.

Sling TV gives you two options for base packages, the orange package and the blue package. The orange package is just $20 per month while the blue package is $25 per month. From there, you can add on other groups of channels for a few dollars more each month. These channels are grouped by subject matter so if you love news, movies or children’s programming, there are choices for every interest group.

To see Gravity Falls with Sling TV, choose the orange package. It comes with the Disney channel. You can also add the Kids Extra package, and that gives you Disney Junior and Disney XD with the orange package. You pay just $5 per month for this package of extra channels. This is a low-cost way to watch Gravity Falls without committing to cable.

Sling TV doesn’t make you sign a contract, and you can change your channel choices at any time. There are also some options and perks for new members. You can take advantage of a seven-day trial if you’re new to the service and you want to check it out. You can also take advantage of special offers for a streaming device or a discount on Apple TV if you’re ready to sign up for three months of service.

Stream Full Episodes on Hulu

Another way to watch Gravity Falls Episodes is with Hulu. This service specializes in streaming television shows. There is also some unique content. Hulu has a lot of Disney offerings. They don’t have a great deal of current shows, however, so sometimes you have to wait out delays in order to see the latest content.

One thing that customers like about Hulu is the low price point. You can get the service with or without ads, and the version with adds only costs $8 per month. You can cancel the service at any time. It’s not a great service for live television fans, but the service offers a large library of content that many viewers are happy with.

DirecTV NOW Offers Gravity Falls

Another streaming service where you can find Gravity Falls episodes online is DirecTV NOW. The service costs more per month than Sling TV, but if you know you want the big package of base channels, it might be the choice for you. It sets you back at least $35 per month without any premium channels, compared to Sling TV’s entry-level price of just $20 per month.

There are not as many options to customize DirecTV NOW’s service as there are with Sling TV. Both options are fairly good in terms of access away from home. Both offer pretty wide mobile options, and they are both compatible with a large number of devices. You can use the free trial for a week of service if you want to compare and contrast your streaming services.

Play It On PlayStation Vue

Another way that you can find your favorite episodes of Gravity Falls are with PlayStation Vue. Although this service only appeals to a limited audience, it is still a streaming service that allows you to cut the cable cord and still see your favorite shows. PlayStation Vue works best with a PlayStation console, but developers are working to modernize the service with compatibility to other devices.

It can cost as much as $40 per month to get this service. This is because the service offers a large number of base channels included in the lowest package. This is especially true in places with large populations. The service started in big locations and moved outward, which is why large cities offer more channels at a higher price point.

With all of these options, you don’t need to be caught holding the bag of cumbersome cable ever again. You can use Sling TV, DirecTV NOW, Hulu and PlayStation Vue to see your favorite shows, including Gravity Falls, without having to sign up for cable. Sling TV is the lowest cost service for live streaming television, while Hulu offers a catalog of old television shows and new content. With these services, there is something for everyone with no cable to be found, anywhere.

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