How To Watch College Basketball Online Without Cable


When College basketball is in season, you usually get alot of tight, heart thumping finishes (especially March Madness). With fans of all ages looking forward to college basketball, video streaming service have popped up everywhere. From the regular season, right up to March Madness, the frenzy of college basketball, especially March Madness is must see TV.

Yet not having season tickets or expensive cable doesn’t have to mean missing out on all the free throws and fouls of your favorite teams. With the rise of the digital world, there are cable alternative options available to sport fans. It’s now almost effortless to watch college basketball online and we’ll tell you the best way to do it in a secure, accessible and legal way.

Watch NCAA Basketball Online With Sling TV

One of the most affordable and reliable options for streaming live NCAA basketball games is Sling TV.

Sling TV provides an alternative to cable networks by giving subscribers access to more than 20 popular cable TV channels, together with multiple sports channels that show live basketball games. Yet unlike cable, there is no hefty bill or contract with Sling TV. Subscribers to Sling TV pay just $20 a month ($14 for T-Mobile customers) to enjoy all the benefits.

All you need is an Internet connection and your preferred device to stream Sling TV. Their basic package includes more than 20 diverse channels, such as ESPN, TNT, AMC, A&E, the Disney Channel, and TBS among others.

You can get to the heart of the NCAA college basketball action with sling TV’s offering of ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 who host prime time games each week throughout the season along with TNT and TBS who broadcast some games during March Madness.

To ensure your basketball obsession is fully being taken care of there is an option to upgrade to the Sling TV Sports Extra Package for an extra $5 each month. This increases the channel offering to include ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network+, ESPN Buzzer Beater and others packed with constant on and off the court games and analysis.

As an added bonus, if you sign up and prepay for three months of Sling TV they’ll give you a free Roku 2 streaming media player ($70 value) or you can choose to take 50 percent off a Roku 3 player.

Sling TV also operates on other streaming devices like Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast along with smartphones, tablets, lap-tops and desktops. It’s an uncomplicated and fun way to watch live college basketball throughout the season.

Follow Your Team with CBS All Access College Basketball Live Streams

CBS airs select college basketball games each weekend throughout the regular season. With a CBS All Access pass, the network’s independent streaming service, you can access the games online for live viewing.

Normally used to access CBS’s huge library of shows, All Access now offers college sports games and shows in a few areas throughout the United States. If you live in an area where All Access offers live streaming then you can enjoy your NCAA college basketball games this way.

Watch College Basketball Games Today Without Cable on DirecTV Now

Realizing that Americans are no longer consuming digital content the same way they did a decade ago, AT&T launched DirecTV Now as an alternative route for cord cutters. DirecTV Now is one of the best ways to catch all of the march madness tournament action, and conference tournament games.

Although DirecTV Now is a little bit more expensive than that of Sling TV, they have a wider selection of channels that are exclusive to just them. DirecTV Now offer the entire ESPN channel lineup, which includes and not limited to ESPNU, ESPN2, SEC Network and the Longhorn Network.

Get Live Coverage Of Certain NCAA Games With CBS College Sports Live

CBS College Sports Live is CBS’s new online streaming service specifically for college games from almost 100 universities. Subscribers to College Sports Live can connect to more than 15,000 live sporting games and events.

Recently, CBS has expanded their online coverage to include more colleges from across the country, representing almost all the major conferences from the SEC to the Big 10 to the ACC and others. Basketball, football and more than 30 other men’s and women’s sports are included in the live audio and video streams.

For a monthly fee of $9.95 or an annual fee of $99.95, College Sports Live is accessible on a number of devices including tablets, smartphones and computers. You can also choose a option to pay $30 to $40 for an entire college sports season. You’ll also be able to watch CBS’s library of on-demand clips and replays.

Watch College Basketball Games For Free With The WatchESPN App

The WatchESPN App allows you to dip into ESPN’s sports channel live games and sports coverage. If you are with one of the app’s associated Internet service or cable providers then you have free access to ESPN3 via the WatchESPN App. You can also access the app with your SlingTV login which gives you an enhanced connection.

This is limited only to ESPN3 games and coverage, and excludes access to ESPN, ESPN2, SEC Network, ESPNU and other ESPN channels, which restricts the games you can actually stream live.

The WatchESPN App is available on Android and Apple devices and can also be accessed via Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Get More Than Games With PlayStation Vue Live Streams

Similar to Sling TV, PlayStation Vue offers a live stream of some of the most popular paid for TV channels without an expensive cable bill. Vue has access to many of the channels that play college basketball games throughout the season. Subject on which package you opt for you can get Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, local Fox Sports networks, TBS, TNT, truTV, CBS and others. PlayStation Vue will also soon include ESPN networks for a wide ranging selection of sports coverage.

The only catch is that PlayStation Vue is only currently available in seven cities: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. If you do happen to live in these cities, you can take advantage of Vue’s massive program listings for $49.99 a month.

Use Your Antenna To View NCAA College Basketball Games

With an OTA HD antenna you can watch a lot of channels over the air for free. CBS can be picked up with an antenna to access all the live games and sports coverage, especially throughout March Madness.

When combined with a DVR player, an antenna allows you the flexibility of also recording live games for later replay at your own convenience. Some devices, such as the Table HD, will even permit you to live stream games and shows to multiple devices anywhere in the world for easy, accessible viewing from anywhere.

These options provide plenty of affordable or free alternatives to stay on top of your favorite college teams games and news from the first buzzer to the NCAA championship trophy.

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