How to Legally Watch Washington Football Online Free Without Cable

There are not many football communities that are more tight knit than the University of Washington. The Washington Huskies have some of the most loyal fans in college sports. This college football team is part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. They are also an important part of the North Division of the Pac-12 Conference.

Husky Stadium has been home to the University of Washington’s football games since 1920. The Huskies have won the Rose Bowl no less than seven times. The team is known for several especially long winning streaks. The team is also known for producing outstanding quarterbacks that go on to succeed in the NFL in impressive numbers.

There have been several undefeated teams in the team’s proud history. Washington is one of the original teams in the conference that ultimately became known as the Pac-12 Conference. In addition to the Rose Bowl, over the years the team has seen performance time in the Cactus Bowl, the Heart of Dallas Bowl and the Alamo Bowl.

The University of Washington is called U-Dub by the locals. It has three different campuses in Washington but it’s main campus and research facilities are located in Seattle. The campus is large and it houses several different libraries. When it first opened in 1861, officials called the school the Territorial University of Washington.

In the close-kit community of the University of Washington, keeping up with the Husky football team is especially important. Fans flock to Husky Stadium to see the next quarterback who is bound for the NFL. When fans can’t make it to the big game, it’s important that they know about convenient ways to follow the Huskies with streaming services that bring the game to them. If you’re a proud Husky, you don’t have to go without the games or spend a large amount of money for a cable package that you don’t have any say over. There are lots of other options to bring the game to you on terms you define for yourself.

DIRECTV NOW Lets You Watch Live UW Football Games (FREE TRIAL)

For fans who want to watch all of the Husky touchdowns, there is a streaming service called DIRECTV NOW. This is a service that doesn’t require cable. Rather, it streams right from your internet to you. This service also knows that you don’t just watch television on your television anymore, so it lets you stream the service to your laptop or your smart phone.

To make the service even easier for you, when you subscribe to DIRECTV NOW, you get occasional deals that give you great discounts on streaming devices. That makes it easier for you to choose the devices that make it convenient for you to watch Husky football on your own terms. DIRECTV NOW’s most basic package includes approximately 60 of the best cable channels, but it’s a fraction of the cost of basic cable. In fact, it costs only $35 per month including a free trial offer that runs for 7 days. Fans can upgrade to receive more than 100 channels for a slightly higher fee.

With DIRECTV NOW, University of Washington football fans never need to sign a contract. They can sign up for the service they want, change their service at any time and cancel their service at any time. The most basic package includes ESPN and ESPN2. These two channels alone give you access to most University of Washington Husky football games. New users can take advantage of a free seven-day trial before they decide if they want to commit.

Sling TV Offers Low-Cost Streaming For UW Fans

Another great option for fans who want lower television subscription costs is Sling TV. This service comes to you from the power of Dish Network. Sling TV’s entry level package comes with not only ESPN and ESPN2 but also ESPN3 and any Husky football games that ABC chooses to air. Sling TV allows fans to upgrade to the Sports Extra package if they want even more sports channels.

Sling TV starts at only $20 per month and attaches a 7-day free trial offer. Add ons such as the Sports Extra package, the news package or the Hollywood package cost $5 or $10 extra dollars each month. People who choose Sling TV don’t have to sign up for any specific time period, but if you sign up for several months of service, you can get a special deal on Apple TV or a Roku streaming device, so that you can watch Sling TV on your big-screen television.

Hulu and PlayStation Vue Offers Internet Streaming Service

Sony is the energy behind PlayStation Vue’s streaming service. This service is called an over-the-top (OTT) internet television service because it allows the user to watch cable channels through the internet. The user only needs a compatible streaming device, such as a PlayStation console or a number of other compatible devices.

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are both compatible devices for PlayStation Vue streaming. PlayStation Vue began in large cities in the United States and quickly spread throughout the entire country because of its instant popularity. Sony has worked hard to reach agreements with major channels and content producers in order to offer a wide variety of channels.

Hulu is a new live TV streaming service that poise the biggest threat to all the other streaming platforms. Hulu entry package starts around $40 which includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, FOX, CBS, ABC and possible NBC.  You can try it out for free for 7 days with no strings attached.

Watch Washington Games For Free With an Indoor Antenna

A number of Washington football games appear each year on the big name networks like ABC, CBS and FOX. These games are broadcast right into the homes of anyone who is within the broadcast range of the station airing the game. There is nothing required except your favorite television set and a standard digital antenna.

There’s no need to subscribe to anything in order to receive these services. To make sure you see the University of Washington Huskies on your own terms, you can use a Tablo DVR in order to record the games for later. A Tablo DVR lets you even stop the game and pick it up later to watch on another device.

University of Washington football fans know that they can have it all. They can watch their favorite Husky football team without having to go broke on expensive cable packages. Huskies are excited to get in the game with DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, the most cutting edge streaming services available. For University of Washington Husky fans, these services are the equivalent of a touchdown and a two-point conversion.