How to Watch Villanova Basketball Online Free Without Cable

Villanova can be considered as one of the country’s elite basketball team. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a fan of the Villanova basketball team want to pony up an excess of $100 per month just to see them play on cable TV. North of $100 is what cable subscribers pay to watch live college basketball games. Fortunately the monopoly of cable providers are over.

In today’s world, online streaming services are revolutionizing the way we watch TV. We now have more alternative to cable options than we every had before. Plus there are a plethora of devices that we can use to stream live content over the internet without the hassle of contracts, and costly monthly cable subscriptions.

Fans of Villanova has plenty to cheer about including the option to ditch cable in favor of a more cost effective method of watching live Wildcat games.

It wasn’t possible years ago to find a legal method to stream live Villanova games, but that’s no longer the case anymore. In this article, you’ll learn various ways to watch Villanova basketball online (even for free).

Live Stream Villanova Game on Sling TV Free

Sling TV is definitely one of the most cost effective ways to stream live Villanova basketball games. Sling TV broadcast live content from ESPN, and a host of other networks like CNN, TBS, and more.

Aside from ESPN, Sling also streams live TV content from Universal Sports, SEC Network, Bases Load, Buzzer Beater, ESPN Goal Line, ESPNU, and ESPNews.

You will also receive a free Roku device once you choose to subscribe to a Sling TV package. Aside from one of the most inclusive packages of sports you also have an access to premium cable channels such as A&R, History Channel, HBO and AMC.

Sling TV customers are entitled to a seven day free trial option that gives you the opportunity to test out the service before going with it long term. Sling TV is our preferred choice for cord cutters because of its ease of use, and the low $20 monthly fee.

DirecTV Now, Hulu, Playstion Vue, WatchESPN

There are other reliable streaming services that broadcast live basketball games, and they are DirecTV Now, Hulu, Playstation Vue and WatchESPN. Let’s start with DirecTV Now since its such a unique service with a ton of channels. The price to sign up for DirecTV Now is around $35 per month,  which includes about 100 channels. Value you get for $35 is why DirecTV Now is one of our top choices.

Hulu and Playstation V ue are similar services in that they have much of the same channels. What sets Hulu apart is that it will broadcast live content from the big four networks (ABC, FOX, CBS & possibly NBC). NBC is not yet confirmed to be a partner on the Hulu catalog, but rumors suggest there is great optimist that a deal will get done.

CBS’s College Sports Live

While it is true that you will be able to watch the Wildcats using a digital TV antenna, CBS’s College Sports Live is a must for any College Basketball Fans. They cover a host of universities and delivers highlights of more than 30 different sports.

In case you find this article helpful, and you want to find out more about cable cutting, we recommend you to leave us a message and let us enlighten you more about the process. We can provide our expert insights on how to watch Villanova basketball online free from the monthly charges of cable providers.