VIDGO Review: What is Vidgo, Channel List, Cost & Free Trial

Vidgo hasn’t been launched to the public just yet, but we hope that this year they’ll go live with this new service. Vidgo makes a lot of game-changing claims on their website that if true, they’ll likely become the king of live TV streaming service.

Vidgo promises to deliver high definition streaming and offer live local channels which are something that Sling TV and DirecTV Now have started to offer, but it’s not available to every subscriber.

What is Vidgo Really?

So what is VIDGO? You may ask. Vidgo is a top television streaming service that aims at providing comprehensive content that’s unique and appealing to the client at an affordable rates. You will find a variety of channels that are not available in its competitors like Sling TV or Vue.

For instance, you will enjoy on-demand streaming options and live sports most of which are available on the NFL networks. This makes it stand out from the rest in the market because the NFL network isn’t available on other live TV services.

According to the company’s press release, Vidgo streaming services offers national programming customers will be delighted to watch, sports and live broadcast at the most affordable rates. This device is likely to be the future of television because it offers thousand of on-demand movies, live video with local and national channels.

Some of the features that set this service on a pedestal are its ability to help you do the following;

  • It allows you build your programming packages;
  • The ability to create custom bundles with the channels you want is a new and big invention because it’s something new in the market. No other streaming services have been able to hack that. Vidgo prides itself on being the first in the market to offer such an outstanding solution to its clients.
  • Sports: It’s going to be the ideal streaming services for sports fans because it’s able to stream live local sports channels available in NFL networks. This is a huge achievement for Vidgo because no other streaming services are offering the same.
  • Local channels in initial markets;
  • Channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS for a long time have not been available in other streaming services. Vidgo will offer live streaming of these channels making it the most preferred choice for sports fans in those markets.
  • Can be used with wifi and 4g connections;
  • Allows you full access to the programming lineup while on the move or at home via your internet connections. This feature makes it more flexible and convinient.

Other features include;
• It a national content provider
• Gives you local channels in the previous markets like San Fransisco, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.
• Has multiple device streams each having its package.
• Has a menu bar that’s very easy to navigate through to help you access the channels you watched most.
• Records everything and never misses a show.
• Allows you have your movies when you want them.

Channel list;

Channels like NFL Network, PBS, CBC, ABC, ESPN, FOX, Disney, and Discovery can be watched through this device. It also offers sports, local, national and international TV stations and on-demand content. The device promises to offer a thousand hours of on-demand content. Music, movies and much more are also available.

From the manufacturers’ expectation, Vidgo can surpass its competitors and it services will meet customers’expectations and even surpass them. It’s the innovation in the market and with it comes to an improvement of what was initially available.


It’s not yet disclosed how much these super amazing devices will cost, but the figures will range between $20-$50. This will also depend on the device you choose. It has three different tiers, and each offers different channels. The base package is likely to cost around $20 a month.

The good thing about this device is that its services are not on a contractual basis. You can terminate its contract when you want. It comes as a month to month service and gives you the flexibility of terminating its services should you find it undesirable. There are no credit checks for you to get this service.

Free trial;

As a new brand in the market, it may offer it’s services for trial by the clients who wish to purchase it. It’s a marketing strategy that the company may indulge in just to give an assurance to it’s potential clients that this device is original and free from technical errors that come along with all new products.

Vidgo is more competitive because it supports most streaming devices like Android desktop, Apple TV, IOS, ROKU and Amazon Fire TV. This sets it above the rest of the market and makes it the most preferred. You will also be able to watch local channels easily via this device. The ability to have your 30days of on-demand cloud DVR content is also made possible with this innovation.

This device will be the first to offer information about sports line-up that’s available only on NFL networks, local sports round ups, and ESPN. It’s also the first to air PBS. This is huge because this new invention will be a force to reckon with. It promises to offer much more for its clients from the press release.


This product is new in the market, and there is much more that can be done to improve it. The information about it is still incomplete, and constant updates are still being made to make the buyers well informed before purchasing the product. You will realize that there are still a lot of unanswered question about the product that the manufacturer may still be working on. The readers and those interested in purchasing this product are advised to constantly check on this product to see if there are new updates on the product. You will want to try out this product.

The most striking thing about this device though is that it promise to deliver much more than it’s competitors. This is a plus to any customer who wants variety. From the description, it’s evident that the product is a success. Something worth trying out. You are assured of value for money and the flexibility to enjoy a variety of streaming services that are new and unique to the market. It’s time to try it out and immerse yourself in the several features it promises to offer.