How to Watch Jazz Games Tonight Online Free Without Cable

With the start of the NBA season, Utah Jazz fans are planning on cheering their team to victory this year. Regardless of whether you’re a fan looking to catch the latest Utah Jazz’s “Game of the Week” or a Jazz fanatic who needs to see every single game this season, you’ll the solution that you’re looking for here.

Due to the consistently rising price of cable, many people are starting to seek out alternative methods to meet their entertainment needs. Prior to recently, watching sports online was almost impossible. Nowadays though, things are different. There are a variety of ways to watch NBA games online if you no longer are a cable subscriber. Listed below are a few of those methods.

Watch Utah Jazz Games Online – The Sling TV Method

Sling TV is the best option out right now if you don’t have cable. Majority of the same content found on cable, including live broadcasts of NBA games, is available with the service. It works like this:

Sling TV is a no cable required online streaming service An Internet connection and a compatible streaming device are the only requirements A low $20 a month, will enable you to enjoy live streams from over 25 popular cable TV stations Enjoy channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS, TNT, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, A&E, and a lot more Watch live NBA games on ESPN & TNT online every week With a Sling TV login, access the WatchESPN App, and view NBA games aired on ABC All live Utah Jazz games on ESPN, TNT, and ABC, can be watched on sling No contracts required!

Sling TV makes streaming media on all capable devices a breeze. Those subscribers who don’t have a capable streaming device, Sling TV offers a free Roku if you prepay for 3 months. If you don’t want the Roku, you can also choose an Apple TV at a discounted price. To make the deal even sweeter, as a T-Mobile customer, you’ll get an additional 30% off discount for the Sling TV service.

Sling TV streams 3 channels that will assist you in watching Utah Jazz games online: TNT, ESPN, and ABC (via WatchESPN App). Out of the 3, ESPN will broadcast majority of the NBA games this season. Following the ESPN network is TNT. Numerous games will be seen on this channel all season as well including the NBA All Star Game.

You’ll save a ton of money by paying only $20 a month for the sling TV service. Apart from all of the live NBA action you’ll have access to, you’ll be provided with even more entertainment from some of cable’s most popular channels. All of the content you’ll ever want will be right at your fingertips. If you want to know more about this service, check out our full review.

Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial that you can start right now.

Utah Jazz Games Live on PlayStation Vue

There’s a new service out providing you with yet another option to stream Utah Jazz games online. This service is from a company known as Sony and is called PlayStation Vue. Using PlayStation Vue, you’ll have access to over 50 of cable TVs most popular channels including TNT and ESPN. As previously mentioned in our Sling TV description, these 2 channels alone will provide you with access to over 100 live games this season.

Although PlayStation Vue provides you with over 50 channels, it’s actually a bit more expensive than using Sling TV. Its prices start at $29.99. On top of that, you won’t be allowed to access any of the PlayStation Vue streams outside of your house due to their restrictions. Even if you could stream outside of your house, PlayStation Vue is incompatible with most of today’s capable streaming devices.

Even though PlayStation Vue is a decent service, it pales in comparison to the Sling TV option. Therefore, we recommend going with the latter.

Stream Jazz Games on Hulu, DirecTV Now, VIDGO, Youtube Unplugged & Apple TV

Additional places where you can stream live Jazz games are listed below:

  • DirecTV Now is a new service that boast many sport channels like TNT, ABC, ESPN and NBA TV.
  • Hulu is a new service that features all the Walt Disney owned networks like ESPN and ABC.
  • Youtube Unplugged hasn’t yet launched, but we expect them to air Jazz games on ESPN.
  • VIDGO is a promising services that hasn’t yet launched in the US. VIDGO claim to have an a la carte type channel option, and users will able to stream live local channels like NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.
  • Apple TV doesn’t host live TV option per se, but they do host an abundance of Apps including WatchESPN, Sling TV and DirecTV Now.

NBA League Pass Has the Utah Jazz Games Online

One of the absolute best ways for NBA fanatic and Utah Jazz fan to watch all NBA games online this season is with NBA League Pass. The League Pass service is the NBA’s official streaming service and offers more basketball coverage than any other service out there. The only downside is there is a blackout on local teams. The local cable networks have the rights to broadcast local games. Other than that, the service is perfect. Here’s how it works:

League Pass is compatible with all of your streaming devices Works with just a stable Internet connection – no cable contracts necessary Every regular season game is broadcast LIVE (there are local team blackouts) Replays of every regular season and playoff game can be viewed on-demand There are tons of classic NBA games available on-demand Simple one step social media access
Just because you’re a jazz band other me you can keep up other teams. NBA League Pass provides all of the above features along with games from all teams. Price for this package is $199.99 per season.

If you just want to watch the Utah Jazz online and could care less about the other teams, then the NBA Team Pass package is perfect for you. It’s $80 less at $119.99 per season and allows you to follow a single team.

Those of you who want to watch a live Utah Jazz game or two, and don’t need to see an entire season should use the NBA Single Game Pass option. It costs about $6.99 per game and allows you to watch single game.

Keep in mind: the local team blackouts apply for each version. You can still view all replays of the games on-demand.

Watch Live Utah Jazz Broadcasts with an HD Antenna

Want to know a secret? You can catch live NBA games on your television set 100% legal and free.

With the addition of a simple indoor antenna, your television set will be able to acquire programs being streamed on popular networks such as ABC, CBS, and even NBC. These over the air broadcasts don’t require an Internet connection or a cable contract to view.

Networks such as ABC often air live NBA games throughout the season. To figure out which ones you’ll be able to watch, simply check ABC’s schedule for the broadcast times. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to watch them live when they are shown. There is a simple solution for that as well.

If you add a DVR device to your television as well, you’ll be able to record all of those live games that you weren’t able to watch and view them at a time when is more convenient for you.

International Fans Can Watch Games Online too

If you are one of those NBA fans who just so happen to live outside of the USA, don’t feel bad. We have a solution for you to tune in to the Utah Jazz games, as well as other NBA games online also. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is make use of a good VPN (virtual private network) to tune into the same streams as everybody else.

The NBA league pass also has a special package for international viewers known as NBA league pass international. With this package, you’ll have access to all of the NBA games being aired online including the ones that would normally be blacked out for local viewers.

After reading through this entire list of methods to watch Utah Jazz games online, you no longer have to pull your hair out worrying about missing out on all of the action the season. Good news is, you don’t have to just use one method. Make use of as many as you can to create the ultimate NBA online streaming package.