How to Watch Utah Football Games Online Free Without Cable

Fans of the Utah Utes know how important it is to stay connected with their favorite football team. The University of Utah proudly plays in the Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA. The Utes have seen several bowl appearances in the last handful of years. Each game day, Salt Lake City is swarming with Utes fans who are eager to see the red and white represent them with pride.

Serious fans of University of Utah football need a way to follow their favorite team. They want a modern service with the newest technologies and latest features. The last thing they want is cable television that comes at a high price and with lots of rules. Today, there are new streaming services that bring you television as it’s meant to be: unbundled and on your terms.

Sign On to Sling TV to Watch Live Utah Games Online Free Trial

One way that Utah football alumni and friends are seeing more of their favorite team this year is with Sling TV’s streaming services. These services allow users to pick one of two basic offerings for a bargain basement price of only $20 per month. This fee includes the best of ESPN, including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, so you can watch most of the Utah football games without looking any further.

If ABC airs any Utah games, you can watch those through Sling TV and the WatchESPN App as well. Sling TV doesn’t mess with multiple logins, either. Instead, the same login gets you access to Sling TV’s basic dashboard services as well as to the WatchESPN App and the included ESPN channels.

Sling TV also comes with on demand services that allow you to pause programming as you watch it. For a few extra dollars, you can upgrade to one of the bonus packages. There are several options available, including Kids Extra. There is also a Sports Extra package that includes even more ESPN channels for only five dollars more each month.

For the base fee, you can only watch on one device at a time. If you want to watch on two or three devices at once, you pay slightly more each month. There are restrictions on viewing NFL games on mobile devices. There’s never a commitment with Sling TV. You use the service only as long as you want to with no contracts or minimum terms.

DirecTV Now Broadcast Utah Football Games Live

Another way to watch the best that the Utes have to offer is with streaming television service from DirecTV Now. AT&T put their manpower into developing this service. The service includes popular channels such as AMC, Disney, Discovery, Fox, and NBCUniversal. One network that is not part of DirecTV services is CBS.

DirecTV doesn’t have DVR capability and there is no on-demand programming. Like Sling TV, there are options for subscribers who want to add on additional channels for a slight upcharge. The service works with a web browser and it is also television and mobile device compatible. A free 7 day trial is available to every new customer.

PlayStation Vue Offers Solid Service Free Trial

One other option to consider is PlayStation Vue’s streaming service. This service works on a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation 4, or on a few other devices. TNT, OWN and the National Geographic Channel are just a few of the many channel offerings that come in a basic subscription to PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue offers more channels in a base subscription than Sling TV. This means that the starting price is higher. In big cities like Miami, New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco, the service is $40 per month. In smaller locations where fewer channels are part of the base package, the service is $30 per month. The service is so confident in what it has to offer that it lets new users try it out, commitment free, for seven days.

CBS All Access Offers Spots Action

You can get the best in Utes sports through CBS All Access. This is a streaming service that costs only $5.99, billed monthly. It’s unique in that it streams a nationwide network of CBS-affiliate programming directly to you, no matter where you are in the entire country. Most CBS stations are a part of the network.

When you sign up for CBS All Access, CBS also throws in on-demand access to its best shows. This lets you keep up with CBS’ hit lineup, even if you’re mostly in it for the best in nationwide and Utah sports programming. There are some limitations to sports streaming, however, such as some PGA programming. This is because of agreements with limited syndication rights that restrict CBS’ ability to air the broadcast nationwide.

Get Hulu to Stream Live Utah Games

Another fine, quality streaming service is Hulu. This service is for serious Disney fans, because The Walt Disney Company is a partial owner of this service. In addition to Disney, you get significant CBS and FOX programming with Hulu. Hulu also has some original content that makes it an attractive option. Its base package is relatively large compared to Sling TV. New users can try it before they buy it with a free trial.

Use a Television to Pick Up Local Broadcasts

Another way to see the best of the University of Utah’s fine football program is with a television antenna and a television. The biggest networks such as CBS, ABC and FOX still broadcast the biggest football games right over the airways, and for free. All you need is an antenna and a television set. With a Tablo DVR, you can take it a step further and record the game. That allows you to get the game over the airways, but watch it at a more convenient time. You can also pause the game or rewind the big play to make sure it really happened.

TuneIn to the Best in Utah Sports

If listening over the radio is more your thing, you can use TuneIn. This service uses only an internet connection. You can listen from anywhere you can connect. Choose the radio station that’s airing the game and use streaming services to listen in.

With all of these fine streaming services, University of Utah football fans are in the know. These services allow fans to catch all of the biggest games with service that works with them in mind. From Salt Lake City to anywhere else in the country, get what you want to watch the most with streaming services that cut out the cable and get you in the game.