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Cable is becoming less and less common, seemingly by the day. People are more mobile than ever before. It seems like everyone has a smartphone, and people like to take their technology with them wherever they go. Cable is no longer convenient, and consumers are increasingly skeptical that cable expects long, up front commitments with little say as to what comes in the channel packages.

Cable Is Out

More and more, consumers are choosing other ways to watch television. Consumers have realized that they don’t have to pay for cable, and cable no longer has a monopoly on how we get television. There are other streaming services that range in price from absolutely free to as much as $100 per month.

The important thing is that you’re in control. You decide what channels you want to pay for and who your service provider is. You don’t have to choose a provider over another based on the location of your home residence. Instead, services are available nationwide and even internationally.

What is USTV Now?

One of these new streaming service is USTV Now. This is a streaming service that uses the internet to bring you television. If you have an internet connection you can get USTV Now. There are lots of different ways to watch, but basically if you have a device that can access the internet and display a picture, you can be watching USTV Now right now.

What Does It Cost?

Some subscription television services cost money each month and others are free. USTV Now has a business model that is both paid and free. Depending on what you choose, you can pay as much as $100 per month, or you can pay nothing at all. It’s all up to you. This is legal.

Who Is It For?

USTV Now is primarily for Americans who live in foreign countries, whether they are serving in the military or otherwise. The company had the bright idea that most Americans want to watch American television, even if they live in a foreign country. US TV Now tries to make this available to these Americans.

Even television that is free back at home might be hard to find anywhere else if you’re out of the USA. And if you’re wondering is USTVNow legal, rest assured that the service brings you all of its provided paid content legally and with knowledge of the content providers. That USTVNow rebroadcasts free, broadcast television is another matter, however. Even if you’re not an American, anyone can watch and use its services, and you don’t have to verify your citizenship status. Our USTVNow review is that it’s one of the most accessible television services for people outside of the United States who prefer to watch American television.

What Device Can I Use?

Read carefully, because this service is not as compatible with devices as some other services on the market. There’s a Roku channel that people like, and the service also works on your computer, laptop, and Android. It’s not an option with Chromecast or Apple TV, and it also doesn’t work with Fire TV. There is a DVR option and that’s unlimited, but it’s also one of the services that you have to pay to use.

What About the Interface?

You can navigate your way through the menus quite easily. There’s nothing fancy about it, and they didn’t blow the bank putting it together, so it can make the website look a bit unofficial and shoe string. Expect stock photos and the colors are a bit dreary.

The important thing, though, is that it works, even if the front-facing landing pages that you see aren’t the prettiest. There’s not much to complain about, though, because you’re not paying for the service unless you choose to. There is paid content that has much more available at your disposal than the free service.

What Is the Content?

If you pay for US TV Now, you get about twenty-five channels. It has some of the most popular channels, too, so expect to watch CNN, ESPN, TBS, FX and TNT. With the free version you get the same free television that you can expect back in the States, including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS.

Pricing for the paid version starts at $2.99 for a one-day pass. If you want to watch three days in a row that’s less expensive at $6.99 for all three days. To pay for an entire week it’s $15. There’s also a monthly price and a promotional offer that goes with it. In that case, you pay for the month for $19 per month for the first three months and $29 per month after that. To add the DVR option it’s an extra $10 per month.

What Are Some Other Options?

If you want to pay more and really watch television, you can buy a premium version. For that you get more than 200 channels, and it’s about $100 per month. That plan includes Showtime and HBO.

What About the Big Networks?

The free version includes essentially the same content that you get from free television back in the United States, watching with an antenna. Of course, in the United States, what you get varies by your locality. US TV now pretends that you live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, so this is the regional content that you get. Expect to cheer or the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Eagles.

Quality Streaming

The quality of USTV Now’s streaming is good enough. Mostly, it depends on what your bandwidth is, but you can also choose what quality content you want. If you choose low quality you can get consistent streaming if your internet bandwidth isn’t that high. Choosing a lower quality bandwidth gets you a more consistent stream, so it’s a trade off.

When you change quality, the stream takes a minute to switch over. That means sometimes you can lose a few seconds of content. Also, at peak times, expect things to slow, for example when there are NFL games on.

How to Use USTV

Users would be wise to compare this service to what else might be available, especially if they’re thinking about using a paid television service. There are other services that are far less questionable that offer comparable services for lower prices. Alternatively, this service might be most appropriate for watching one or two select events here and there with the day pass options.