How to Watch USC Football Online Free Without Cable

USC Trojan fans can’t get enough of their favorite team. Each year, USC is a buzz with the latest in football scores, news and excitement as another season of Pac-12 Conference football unfolds in dramatic fashion. Trojan alumni go on to join the NFL in high numbers.

Trojan fans want to see all the important plays this season but they don’t want to see their money go to high-priced cable packages. For these fans, there’s good news. There are new, high-quality streaming services that offer all of the best in sports programming at low prices. Keep reading to see what service might work best for you.

Sling TV Offers it All Including Live USC Football Games

Most USC games find their way to one of the ESPN family of channels. Between the PAC 12 Network, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, sports viewers can find the Trojans most any time they play using Sling TV. This is a streaming service that gives you only the very best in sports channels at a price that’s a fraction of what you pay for basic cable.

For $20 per month, you can sign up for Sling TV’s entry-level package. This package includes the ESPN family of channels including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. To make it easy for you, Sling TV allows you to use the WatchESPN App to watch ESPN-aired games as well as to watch any game that ABC airs.

Sling TV also offers a Sports Extra package. This sets you back only five dollars more each month, but it gives you ESPN News and ESPNU. And if you sign on for thee months of service, Sling TV gives you a free Roku 2 or a tidy discount on Apple TV.

Hulu Has Lots of Channels Including ESPN, FS1, FS2, FOX, CBS & ABC

Hulu is a relatively new live TV┬áservice that streams the best in television programming. This service is slightly different than Sling TV in that it gives you a larger base package of channels for a higher price. Base packages include FOX, ABC, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 and CBS, so you’re sure to get your fill of Trojan games.

The way Hulu competes for customers is by offering original content. In addition to fine sports programming for USC football fans, Hulu subscribers also get to see original series and movies that non-subscribers can’t find anywhere else. With FOX’s commitment to Hulu services, subscribers also get Fox News and Fox Business.

CBS All Access Offers the Best of CBS

Never miss a minute of what CBS has to offer by subscribing to CBS’ All Access streaming service. This service has one of the lowest entry-level price points, costing only $5.99 to sign on for the basic service. The idea behind the service is that CBS has taken all of its affiliates all over the country and put their programming in one place for you. If you’re in New York and you want to watch what a CBS station is airing in California, you can use your All Access subscription to log in and watch.

In addition to CBS’ local affiliate programming, getting CBS All Access also gets you on-demand viewing of CBS’ best shows. Catch the latest episode of a comedy or dive into an exciting drama with access to this high-quality on-demand programming. If you prefer to have the service without additional ads, you can pay $9.99 instead of the base cost, and you get a version that doesn’t have ads. CBS All Access is also NFL friendly so it’s a great option for fans that like both college football and the best of the NFL.

PlayStation Vue Has Service for Serious Sports Fans

Another way to watch the best in USC’s fall football is with PlayStation Vue’s streaming services. PlayStation Vue streams straight to your television using a PlayStation console or a few other compatible streaming devices. The service comes with a large package of channels included with the lowest fee.

It is a bit harder on the pocket book than Sling TV or CBS All Access, with most basic PlayStation Vue service starting at $30 in smaller cities and $40 in the largest cities. There is a DVR that allows you to fast forward commercials. Users cannot select MTV or Comedy Central with this service, however, because they are not a part of PlayStation Vue’s offerings.

Tune In with TuneIn

Another great way to stream USC Trojans football is with TuneIn. This is a streaming system that works by allowing you to stream any radio station that participates. Now, you can listen to radio that broadcasts through the internet, rather than through the airways. Just find the station that’s airing the game and use TuneIn to listen live.

DirecTV Now Gives You USC Football At Its Best

To watch USC football on television, a mobile device or a computer, you can subscribe to DirecTV Now’s television streaming service. This service has quickly grown since its launch because its basic service includes the most popular channels. The only major exclusions are CBS and Showtime. This service does not offer DVR, so fans should carefully consider what they want most in a streaming service when thinking through the various options. Users can add premium channels for a small additional cost.

Watch USC For Free Using an indoor digital antenna

You can also get in on the best USC football games using a television antenna. With a standard television and antenna you can pull down a broadcast signal for games that are played over the airways in your location. What games you see specifically might depend on where you live, but the broadcasts are sure to be high quality with the power of the best commentators and sports experts on the biggest networks. Broadcast television remains free. You can enhance the broadcast television experience by using a Tablo DVR to record the big game for viewing at a more convenient time.

With all of these options, you never have to miss the USC Trojans in action. These streaming services give you USC football with a variety of channel package options and with a variety of features. Some services offer DVR while others offer more device compatibility and the ability to watch remotely. These services don’t require long-term commitments because they know you only want to pay for service you love. Keep up with all of the USC football action this season with a streaming service that works for you.