How to Watch USC Basketball Games Online Free Without Cable

Are you a passionate Trojan supporter? Do you have to miss games because you don’t always have access to your cable TV service? There is a way to watch your favorite team’s game even without cable. Cable television has been around for a long time. Initially, when cable TV was introduced in 1948, you did need an actual cable. These days you don’t even need a dish to get cable TV anymore.

The development in technology has us watching a USC basketball live stream on our smartphones. It is even possible to watch your favorite games from the University of Southern California without any cable subscription whatsoever. What’s more, with access to the Internet and a service from alternative services, you can watch these games for free!

What is a Cable Free TV?

Essentially it means that you can watch USC basketball online, without a satellite dish or decoder box. Cable free services offer top class TV shows, live broadcasts, and news as online options. That means you can watch any of the USC games by going on the Web and streaming the video.

The biggest difference between cable (or satellite) services and online streaming is that you choose the channels you are interested in and only subscribe to them. There are many different streaming services for you to choose from. All of them allow the viewer to choose the program and watch it from any Internet device. Most of the services even offer a free trial for seven days. Try them all out and enjoy a USC basketball live stream from your smartphone, ipad or even gaming console.

Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

Going the cable-free way to watch USC basketball online is pretty foolproof. However, a lot depends on your speed. Internet-delivered TV depends on a solid broadband connection. Netflix, one of the cable alternatives suggest a downstream speed of 5Mbps, but faster is always better when it comes to your Internet connection. You don’t want to be “buffering” midway through a game and miss that spectacular slam-dunk.

Cutting the Cable

You’ve tested your speed. You have your device connected. You are ready to try out cable-free viewing. Where do you start? There are a number of online streaming services for you to try out before the Trojans start dribbling across the court.

There is the popular Sling TV which carries popular channels like ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN, History, HGTV and the Disney Channel. DirecTV Now is a cable free service by AT&T that is available almost anywhere.

For Sports fans, it offers the “Just Right” package that includes NBC Sports, MLB, several more ESPN channels and Fox Sport Southwest. Several more like HULU Plus, CBS All Access and Watch ESPN offer convenient streaming. By subscribing for the free 7-day trial, you could practically watch USC basketball online free!