How to Watch USA Network Online Without Cable

Suits, Colony, White Collar, Psych and Covert Affairs are all remarkable USA shows. Let’s not forget Burn Notice, Graceland or Law & Order. While all of these shows are on cable, you don’t necessary need a cable subscription to watch them. These days television is going towards live streaming. You can view these shows more places on the internet—and save money—without a cable company coming to install any extra equipment onto your television.

Try Sling TV To Watch USA Network Live

First, Sling TV is one of the most popular live streaming service in the industry. They offer a package for $25/month that gives you 40 channels. Among these channels you’ll receive: Travel channel, History channel, FX, Syfy, USA, Lifetime, A&E, CNN and many others.

In addition, Sling gives you the option to add on extra channels. They have extra packages just for sports or just for movies. These packages will be an extra charge each month, of course, but it will still be less money than traditional cable.

Watch USA On Hulu For Free

Hulu is another option for USA fans. For $7.99/month, you can watch your favorite USA Network shows. White Collar, Suits and Robot are all on the service. This service has been growing in popularity over the last few years. People can watch it at home on the television via a Roku or Playstation. New subscribers are entitled to a 7 day free trial.

They can watch their shows on their computer, iPhone or iPad. This gives viewers the opportunity to watch their shows from anywhere in the world. The days are gone where you can only watch television from home. More people are slashing their cable bill for services such as this one.

Watch USA On Amazon

Amazon, too, has many USA shows. Search Amazon for Robot or White Collar. Then, download episodes for $2.99 or buy the entire season. If you plan on buying a lot of episodes, it might be more economic to buy the entire season. It’s going to save you money long term. In the case of Amazon Prime, there are not that many USA shows available through the service. You are much better off buying the episode or season due to the fact that Amazon Prime does not have a large selection.

Can I Watch USA Network on Apple TV

Yes can stream USA Network on the new Apple TV streaming service. Apple TV has realy emerged as a major player in the online streaming industry. Apple boast an impressive list of apps (around 8,00 apps) that users can subscribe to including the USA Network.

Better yet, Apple has delivered the first ever application that allows users to search for a TV show under one roof. This mean users don’t have to go to individual apps to search for a show, Apple TV has a unified search feature that does everything for you similar to that of a TV guide.

Buy and Watch TV Shows on iTunes

Head over to iTunes to buy USA shows. You can purchase full episodes on iTunes for around $2.99. The episodes are available the day after the air on cable television. This isn’t too long to wait and you can watch these shows on any device you own. Furthermore, once you own it, then it is yours to keep. Several USA shows are on iTunes, giving you the opportunity to never miss quality television.

Subscribe To DirecTV Now and Watch USA Live

USA Network live stream is available on DirecTV Now through the ‘Live a Little’ channel package. The cost for the entry level package that includes the USA Network will run you a cool $35 per month. The price point for the USA live feed is manageable, and more reasonable compared to the ever increasing cable packages, plus you get a 7 day free trial to check out DirecTV Now.

Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue subscribers are also able to access live USA Network content, but the channel list included and the cost isn’t quite as comparable to Sling and DirecTV Now. Vue is probably the most expense of the three streaming service. Yet Vue has many exclusive shows that only can be seen on their streaming platform. To get USA Network on Vue, you need to subscribe to the ‘Access’ package.

The Access package will run you around $30-$40 depending on where you live. The channel list for the ‘Access’ package is paltry compared to DirecTV Now’s 100 channel lineup for $35.

USA TV Shows

Covert Affairs
Falling Water
Mr. Robot
Queen of the South
Royal Pains
White Collar