How to Watch Univision Online Free Without Cable

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the United States. The United States has no official language, and many millions of people speak Spanish in their homes. That number is growing quickly. Television providers want to find a way to appeal to this growing group of Americans with Spanish language programming.

Perhaps the most popular television channel for Spanish-speaking audiences is Univision. The channel offers a wide range of programming that appeals to a diverse audience. Politicians flock to the channel to make their case to voters and the channel also features shows for children and telenovas.

You don’t have to be a fan of cable in order to be a fan of Univision. Today, you can watch the channel without ever having cable at all. If you have the internet and something to watch on, like your smartphone, computer or television, you can watch Univision without ever waiting for a cable guy.

This is all completely legal and the television channels are a part of this revolutionary service. It’s much easier for the consumer and the television providers give you the ultimate say over what the cost is and what you get in return. Here are some ways that you can ditch the cable guy in favor of the Univision live stream using your internet connection:

Watch Univision Online on DirecTV NOW (Free Trial)

One such service that you can use to watch Univision is DirecTV NOW. This service allows you to choose from several packages of channel options, starting at just $35 per month. You don’t have to sign a contract, and there is a free trial for those who care to try out the service before committing.

Even the $35 per month option has you covered for the Univision live stream. You’re also covered with WGN, History, ESPN, AMC, MSNBC and FX. The opening channel package is quite large. There are a few other options, too, for example HBO. HBO is one of the special features of DirecTV NOW, because it’s only $5 per month extra with the service. It’s $15 per month with most other services or as a standalone, so this is a good bargain for HBO fans. Cinemax is another add on option with this service.

The service has mobile options so you don’t have to worry about missing anything when you’re away from home. To watch on a big television you need a streaming device but you can get one if you sign up for a certain length of service, so make sure you read about all of the perks when you sign up. Cancel your service at any time. The service is Apple TV compatible.

Live Stream TV Online Via Sling TV

Another great way to watch Univision is with Sling TV. This service is less expensive to sign up for initially, because they really let you pick and choose what channels you want and what you want to pay. Pay for the service month to month with no commitment.

Sling TV starts with two base packages, and you have to choose one of them. They are called the orange package and the blue package. The Sling Blue package has Univision right in the base package, and it’s $25. For that, you get more than twenty channels, and a lot of them are FOX and NBC sports channels. You also get TBS, A&E, AMC and TNT.

Once you’ve selected your base package, there are a ton of extras to choose from. They’re grouped by interest and most of them cost you only $5 more per month. There is a news group, for example, which brings you the best in news channels from around the world. Another group is lifestyle channels, there are movie channel groups and a group just for children’s interest.

Sling TV is on the cutting edge when it comes to devices that you can watch with. The service works with Android and iOS phones as well as ipads and tablets of all kinds, as long as they have the internet. You can login remotely when you’re on the go. If you get ESPN as part of your package you can login with your Sling TV credentials using the WatchESPN app. For an extra fee, you can watch on multiple devices at once, on different channels. This is a great way to provide quality television programming for the whole family.

Take advantage of the free trial, which is good for an entire week. A Roku 2 is yours free if you pay ahead to get service for three months. Alternatively, if a discount is more your style, choose from a big discount on a Roku 3 or Apple TV with the same three months up front. If you get T-Mobile, you get a flat discount off your service, too. Use this service to enjoy the Univision live stream.


FuboTV is another great option for the Univision live stream, and it focuses on sports programming only. It’s only $9.99 per month, which is cheaper than any service that gives you a variety of television channels. In exchange for your subscription fee, you get Univision as well as a number of other channels that are primarily soccer related, such as BeIN Sports, UniMas, GolTV and others. The service is good on a variety of modern streaming devices. The free trial is only twenty-four hours, but it’s still worth checking out.