How to Watch UniMas Free Online Without Cable Free

UniMas is one of the fastest growing television channels in the United States today. The channel’s audience is growing fast. Young people love the UniMas live stream which offers audiences a variety of sitcoms, reality TV, sports and telenovas. UniMas is a Spanish channel intended for U.S. audiences. Its hit shows include Casos de Familia, Yago and Sortilegio. Univision reruns also find their way to UniMas.

UniMas is a must have channel for lots of Americans. The good news is that you don’t have to have cable to get the channel anymore. You can find the channel with just your internet connection. You can watch on your phone or computer, too. This is legal and it’s less expensive than cable. These new services give you more choices over what channels you get and the price that goes with it. See your options in the rest of this article:

Watch UniMas Live on DirecTV NOW (Free Trial)

One great option when you’re looking for the UniMas live stream is DirecTV NOW. DirecTV was quick to jump on the internet streaming train with its service that starts at just $35 per month. You get quite a few channels for that price, too. They offer UniMas and Telemundo, among lots of great channels.

One way that DirecTV NOW distinguishes itself from other internet streaming services is with its HBO option. Lots of internet streaming services, and cable for that matter, offer HBO, but not for the $5 that DirecTV NOW offers it for with base service. Most services charge as much as $15 per month for an HBO add on, but DirecTV NOW can be a great value in the end at $5 per month in addition to the $35 per month base package fee.

There are several other packages that you can select to upgrade to more channels. Mobile options are also available so you can login when you’re away from home. You just need Wi-Fi and a device that works, like your smart phone or laptop. You can still watch on the big screen too, with a streaming device to pick up the internet signal. It’s just like watching cable, only without the price and without the commitment. They offer a free trial that you can use to try it out.

Sling TV Live Stream UniMas Online Without Cable

Another option you might want to look into to get the UniMas live stream is Sling TV. This one has two different ways that you can get UniMas, for as low as $25. How Sling TV works is by giving you very inexpensive base packages and then letting you select from there what you want to add on top of that.

To get UniMas, your first option is to select the orange package, which has more than twenty base channels for $20 per month. Then, select the Broadcast Extra additional package, for $5 per month. That gives you ABC, Univision and UniMas. That makes your total selections $25 per month and you can watch UniMas as long as you want to.

The other option to get UniMas with Sling TV is with the base blue package. This package is $25 off the bat, but it already comes with UniMas. This package has NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2, along with UniMas and Univision. You don’t need to buy any extra packages to get UniMas, though you’re certainly welcome to add as many other packages as you want.

The free trial is seven days and there’s no obligation. Millions of people subscribe to this service, though, so it’s got something special. Additional options let you choose lifestyle channels like Hallmark Channel, news channels like BBC World News, Starz and HBO.

Sling TV also has several perks that you can take advantage of, such as a discounted Roku 3 or Apple TV when you sign up for three months of service. That’s $60 off Apple TV, which ends up being a great, low price. If you don’t want to pay for a streaming device for your television, get a Roku 2 absolutely free for the three months of service. There’s never any kind of commitment with Sling TV. They also offer on-demand selections in addition to the UniMas live stream.

Other Options

Right now, these are your best bets to watch the UniMas live stream. The service hasn’t come to other streaming services yet, though other services work to add to the channel as they try to stay competitive with industry leaders. Sling TV and DirecTV NOW offer great ways to ditch cable and still see all of the great television that UniMas has to offer. You can watch just moments from now when you sign up for one of these services.