Legally Watch UCLA Football Online Free Without Cable

There aren’t many colleges that have the rich history and traditions of UCLA. Short for the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA has a deep history of fine educational programs and dominant athletic teams, all in the heart of Los Angeles. The UCLA Bruins are a part of the competitive Pac-12 Conference. The team dominated in the 1980s and 1990s, recording 13 bowl game appearances in a row. Many Bruins receive All-American honors and go on to join top NFL teams.

UCLA’s biggest rival is USC. This is an especially exciting rivalry, given the schools’ close proximity within the City of Los Angeles. It’s always a big event when the schools play each other because chances are, students and fans have friends that cheer for the opposing team. The Bruins play their games in the Rose Bowl, located in Pasedena, California. Prior to their relocation to the Rose Bowl, the Bruins played in historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Spaulding Field is the Bruin’s on-campus practice facility.

In addition to its football team, the UCLA Bruins have a storied history in women’s gymnastics. The team regularly attracts Olympic athletes to its ranks, and the team is a mainstay in the NCAA Super Six gymnastics finals. The gymnastics team has a long history of winning that does the Bruins proud. Many UCLA gymnastics win individual All-American honors in addition to the team’s success.

The UCLA Bruins are so used to winning that fans don’t want to miss a single game. They don’t want to pay a bundle either. Today, Bruins should be able to get all of their favorite channels without having to bundle big bucks into a cable subscription that has a lot of restrictions. The good news is that today’s technology has you covered. With streaming services available on today’s market, fans no longer have to fork over top dollar for programs on hundreds of cable channels they know they don’t want to watch. Read below for more information on how to get these low-cost, high quality services that bring the UCLA Bruins to you.

See the UCLA Bruins with Sling TV – Free Trial

This is a new service allows you to break the cable cycle in favor of a smaller package that brings you all of the sports channels that you want to watch the most. That service is Sling TV and comes with a seven day free trial offer. Sling TV lets users buy access to a streaming service that includes just the basic channels for only $20 per month.

Users don’t have to commit to a contract of any length. Canceling is as easy as signing up because Sling TV is confident that its subscribers want to stay with its fine service because they want to, and not because they have to.

On top of its $20 per month basic package, fans can also receive even more sports programming in order to make sure they never miss UCLA in action. Fans can choose among a variety of add on packages that each includes a different type of channels. Options include a Sports Extra package that allows fans to access even more ESPN channels. A news package gives users access to BBC World News and other fine news channels. HBO and Cinemax are other top channels available for streaming through Sling TV.

Sony Technology Brings you PlayStation Vue

Another way to get the best in streaming services is through PlayStation Vue. This service works through a PlayStation console to use the internet to stream a selection of the best channels right to you. You can also stream PlayStation Vue with a number of other compatible devices like Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and iOS and Android.

This service begins at a higher basic price than Sling TV. The most basic service can be as much as $40, depending on where you live. There is the basic service option but Bruins fans can also select larger packages that give them more access to their favorite channels.

There are some instances where PlayStation Vue places limits on a user’s ability to use the service away from the home device. This makes the service less versatile than Sling TV, but it allows users to stream shows directly to their television without a secondary device.

Antenna TV Brings the Game to You For Free

Never underestimate the power of the original form of television, which is antenna television. With antenna television, broadcasters such as ABC, CBS and FOX sports broadcast their signal directly to the airways. Anyone who lives within the broadcasting area can use a television antenna to pick up the signal. They can then watch the broadcast on any size television. There’s no cost to this and there’s no information to enter online. Because you don’t have to enter personal information, you don’t have to worry about receiving emails or other solicitations.

You can add to the antenna television experience by getting a Tablo DVR. This is a device that works with broadcast television. Is one of your friends late to your house to watch the game? You can pause the game and begin it when she arrives. Do you want to watch a great play over and over again? With Tablo DVR you have that option. Use a traditional television antenna along with a Tablo DVR to bring all of the UCLA Bruins football action into your home. You can even use the Tablo DVR to record the game and then watch it later from another device.

Listen On Local Radio

Local radio that plays UCLA sports is highly popular with serious and casual fans alike. Popular radio station AM 570, Fox Sports LA broadcasts the game. Coverage includes pre and post-game analysis from some of the best experts in UCLA sports. This radio station puts its broadcast on its website for you to enjoy. Anyone who wants to can access this stream from the website and tune in or free, even if they live outside of the station’s broadcast area.

With so many streaming options, UCLA Bruins can win on the air and on the field. You never need to miss a game when you have streaming services on television and radio along with broadcasting and DVR options. These options keep you running and passing until you’ve scored a touchdown for the best in streaming services.

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