Tubitv Review, Free Movies & TV Shows Online Without Cable

While you’ve probably heard of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Hulu, there are many more companies in the television business today. These paid sites have competition from other sites that have other ways to compete for your business. In the land of television services, some providers have you pay for their services, others load you up with ads, and some services even offer a hybrid of paid subscriptions with accompanying ads.

The paid television services like Hulu and Netflix are up against competitors that offer free services. These services are Pluto TV and Crackle, among many others. Obviously their business model doesn’t depend on fees from consumers, so they have to find new ways to bring in revenue. One of the big ways they do this is by using ads on their sites.

Tubi TV is another example of a streaming service that has joined the competitive marketplace. It is a service that, like Pluto TV and Crackle doesn’t charge consumers anything but their time to watch a few ads. That makes it great for the consumer that just doesn’t want to pay a subscription fee.

What Can Tubi TV Do For You?

Tubi TV has a large amount of content, even though it’s free. They’ve bought content from big-name producers such as MGM and Lionsgate. Another place that Tubi TV gets a lot of content is from Paramount. In total, they have more than a dozen major content providers and lots of other smaller ones. You can watch with all of the leading streaming devices, too, as well as on your computer or phone. In fact, MGM and Lionsgate have provided financing for the company as investors. In total, investment in the startup has been more than ten million dollars in total, in the company’s short history.

Another good thing about Tubi is that the content often changes and updates. For example, in their agreement with Paramount Pictures, Tubi gets more than fifty new movies each month. Some of the Paramount films featured are relatively new, such as from 2013 and 2014. The company claims that it gets even more content from MGM and Lionsgate than it gets from Paramount. Tubitv.com is their website, and there are lots of ways to look for content.

Tubi believes that consumers don’t always want to pay for subscription television. As more and more people move away from their cable subscriptions, they say, they want to find new ways to watch. That may or may not mean paying out of pocket. Different consumers have different preferences, and consumers who are okay with putting up with a few ads are finding services like Tubi TV so that they don’t have to pay for television.

It’s Easy to Use

Tubi TV knows that you don’t want to spend time learning how to use their interface. It’s pretty much like any other remote or index that you’ve ever seen. They have movies and they display these based on subject and topic. Millions of people use the app, and Tubi TV watchers total in the millions as well.

They also give you unique ways to find movies, for example, by listing all of the movies that get high marks on Rotten Tomatoes and giving you a list of movies that you can’t find on Netflix. That makes it easy for you, the consumer, to find the special, niche things that Tubi TV has to offer. If Tubi is aware that most users use its services as a secondary television provider, they appear fine with the arrangement. The interface stores information when you take breaks on the device that you’re on, but it doesn’t move information from device to device, so if you switch from your computer to your television, you have to start over in the menu to find what you’re looking for.

What’s Available?

Tubi TV has a large content base for being one of the free services. They continue to add to their content base, even though, honestly, it’s not what you find with Netflix and Hulu. If you want box office blockbusters, Tubi TV isn’t the place that you’re likely to find them. Instead, they offer many lesser-known movies that paid tv services might not bother with. Tubitv is a great place to discover new things without your having to pay for something that you’re not sure you’re going to like.

There a things that appeal to niche audiences, such as foreign and independent films. Tubi has a large collection of these that even paid services barely compare with. They also have quite a few documentaries. Tubi TV tries to keep pace, but it’s limited by its budget. It’s a trade off because they know that you don’t want to pay a subscription fee.

Is it Good Quality?

In a word, yes. Tubi TV is modern and it keeps pace with other streamed television services in this regard. Buffing and loading are uncommon, as long as your internet connection is fast, and most users don’t complain about crashing either. The least developed of the services is on their web app, but the computer and streamed television platforms are very developed.

Supported Devices

Tubi TV has put a lot of work into making its format device friendly. You can watch on your smartphone and that includes both Android and iOS. There are a number of options for streaming devices such as Samsung, Xbox One, and even old-school Xbox 360. Roku seems to be its best, though, so if you’re in the market for a streamer and you find that you like Tubi TV, you might be wise to choose a Roku.

There Are Ads

You don’t have to open your wallet to use Tubitv but you do have to open your mind to a few ads. Because there is no subscription fee for this service, it’s unavoidable. You have to watch an advertisement approximately every ten minutes. An ad might be as short as 15 seconds or it might be as long as two minutes. They time their ads so that they don’t stop a movie at a key point, but you can also expect interruptions while you watch your movie, just as you would expect with any other service that has commercial breaks.