How to Watch The Tour De France Online Without Cable

The Tour de France is one of the most anticipated cycling events of the year. The last Tour de France was last year and it lasted about 3 weeks. Every year it usually starts in Mont Saint-Michael and it ends in the beautiful city of Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.

Now, if you’re one of the many of people who’s looking forward to the tournament this year, but decided to cut the cord on cable to start saving money, you can still watch the Tour de France live stream online with a streaming service. In years past, if you didn’t have access to cable then it was extremely difficult to watch the Tour de France race, but those days are long gone. T

hese days, there are multiple streaming services you can sign up for to watch not only the Tour de France, but almost any other cycling event that is broadcasted on cable television.

Watch the Tour de France Stream Online with Sling TV

The purpose of cutting the cord on cable is obviously to save money. So If you’re one of those people who are looking for an affordable and reliable way to watch the Tour de France online, then Sling TV is definitely a streaming service that is worth checking out. This online streaming service is changing up the way people watch television shows and movies by making it extremely easy to watch anything you would watch on cable. It is definitely the number 1 option for those consumers who are taking action by getting rid of their monthly cable bill. If you’ve never heard of Sling TV streaming service, below we go over a few of the best features.

For starters, at just $20 a month you get complete access to more than 30+ of the most popular cable television channels including NBCSN, which is the channel that broadcasts the Tour de France every year. Also, there are no annoying long-term contracts you need to sign or no type of hidden fees, meaning you can easily cancel the streaming service at any time and not have to pay anything extra. You can easily stream NBCSN and any of the other channels on multiple devices such as streaming devices, mobile phones, computers, smart TVs and many more. So that means, if you’re on the go a lot, you can watch the Tour de France stream easily on your phone.

There are numerous channels that’s included with the basic blue package, including popular channels such as NBCSN, ESPN and ESPN2. And there are many other cool channels such as TBS, Comedy Central, FX, CNN and AMC. And another great thing about Sling TV is the fact that you can get a free 7-day trial. Now this is great because if you wait until Tour de France is about to start, you can watch the first week totally free. And if you enjoy the services that Sling TV provides, then you can easily sign up for monthly access. And once you sign up, if you pay 3 months in advance, you can get a free Roku 2 streaming device. This is a great deal for those of you who really don’t want to spend extra money on getting a streaming device.

A streaming device is not necessary to watch Sling TV streams, but it makes it more convenient, especially if you plan on using it with your smart TV. And one more thing about the channels is that if you’re really into sports, you already know that alot of the sports shows are broadcasted on FOX Networks. With Sling TV, you can watch FS1, but FOX is limited to certain areas. In those areas, you can still watch FOX, but the only issue is that its only available as on-demand. But this is a minor issue when you compare the amount of channels and features you receive for just $20 a month.

Use The PlayStation Vue to Watch the Tour de France Stream Online

There are many of people that have a Playstation 4 gaming console, and if you’re one of those people and you like watching cycling tournaments, then you can watch the Tour de France with the popular streaming service created by Sony called the Playstation Vue. It’s one of the best ways to watch not only Tour de France but with Playstation Vue, you can instantly watch a huge selection of channels online, including NBCSN. But just like with Sling TVstreaming service, FOX isn’t included in the base package in all areas.

As for the number of channels you get with PlayStation Vue, the base package comes with an amazing 55 channels! But with add-on packages, you can easily increase the number of channels to more than 100+. And while most people watch the Vue through their PS4, you can also use it on many other devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and iOS devices. The Playstation Vue is highly recommended for those people who not only like to watch cycling tournaments, but also any other sporting event. For just $30 a month you get access to so many channels that is tailored to sports fans. So if you’re a gamer and decided to cut the cord on cable, the PlayStation Vue is definitely worth checking out.

Use the NBC Streaming Service to Watch the Tour de France

Within the United States, NBC has the broadcasting rights for the Tour de France, which is why you can only watch the tournament on NBCSN or on any other of the channels in the NBC Sports Network. But because of the popularity of online streaming, NBC decided to release a subscription service that gives internet users access to complete coverage of the Tour de France. Priced at just $30 a month, you get to see a Tour de France live stream online in high definition. And best of all, no cable subscription is required for this service, it’s 100% online.

Subscribers not only get access to the race, but you can also watch a complete analysis, all the amazing highlights and interviews. And if you have to step away from the computer or tv, you can easily pause it or rewind any of the action instantly! But as a side note, the live features such as pausing and rewinding is only available in the US market. And in addition to watching the race, you also get access to a cool interactive map the follows the progress of the race and you also get access to team and individual standings.