How to Legally Watch Raptors Game Tonight Online Free Without Cable

So, now that the NBA season is here again, fans from all over the world are preparing to watch their favorite teams battle for the championship. Over the past few seasons, Toronto Raptor fans have learned that their team is not the one to be under estimated. They are gearing up with expectations of yet another great season. Many of them have now found out that they no longer need to pay those expensive cable bills in order to tone and to all of that Raptor action. They can now watch live streams of all of the games online.

If you are one of those people looking to learn how they’d go about doing that, then you’re in the right spot. Below is a list of the most popular methods currently being use to stream live NBA games over the Internet. Many of these methods are affordable. Some are even free. Most importantly though, they are all legal!

Read on to discover these new methods.

Watch the Toronto Raptors Online – Sling TV

So, now that you have cut the cable cord, sling TV should be the first service on your list. It’s one of the fastest rising services due to its low price and great cable like content.

Here are some details about sling TV:

Sling TV provides online streaming of live content across devices such as smart phones, smart TVs, and computers. Just like cable, Sling TV offers live streaming of cable TV networks Channels such as Food Network, Disney Channel, ABC, TBS, AMC, ESPN 2, and over 60 more are available on Sling TV You don’t need to commit to the service at all. Cancel it whenever you like.
Why is Sling TV the go-to service for watching the Toronto Raptors online this year? Here’s why:

Provides access to NBA season games as well the playoffs, finals, and all-star games Can be used from ANYWHERE Only needs the Internet to work Sling TV’s basic package is only $20/month and includes 40+ channels An amazing 7-Day service trial for FREE
For Toronto Raptors, Sling is one of greatest services to add to the methods of watching Raptors games online. Regarding NBA games, Sling more than 100 live games available during season. You can and view a bunch of postseason entertainment streams as well such as the NBA All-Star Game and NBA Playoffs games. The WatchESPN app allows access to ABC’s live broadcasts. They will broadcast about 10-15 live games from the NBA each season. Check out the Toronto Raptor television schedule to help figure out which games will be available.

Along with Sling TV comes access to the WatchESPN App that’s available on your smartphone or tablet. ABC constantly airs NBA games for you to watch.

By far, sling TV is the absolute best choice you can use when trying to watch the Toronto Raptors games live online. Still can’t decide if the service is right for you? Consider these promotions:

Eligible for free Roku device = prepay for 3 months of sling TV service Eligible for Apple TV device if you pay for 3 months of service One full week to try sling TV for free

The Toronto Raptors Online & NBA League Pass

Want to view the Toronto Raptors live online and follow other teams that you might like? The NBA League Pass might be just the service you’re looking for. Here’s a few details of NBA League Pass and some of its features:

An official online streaming service created by the NBA No cable service is needed and is available to all with internet Compatible with laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices LIVE streaming of the entire NBA season (excluding local blackouts) On-demand replays of all regular and postseason game Classical NBA games on-demand Access in just a click using social media channels.

Remember to keep in mind: There is a blackout for live streaming of local teams in local areas. Residing in the local broadcasting area for any local team will hinder you when trying to see that team’s live game. Replays are still available to watch on-demand though.

NBA League Pass has 2 seasonal versions of its paid service: For the cost of $199.99 a season, NBA League Pass’s main version gives you access to all NBA team games. At only $119.99 a season, the NBA Team Pass version offers you access to a single team of your choosing. If you simply want to view 1 or 2 Toronto Raptors live games this season, your best choice might easily be the NBA Single Game Pass. It cost just $6.99 per game and lets you stream a single game of any team live.

Playstation Vue to Watch the Toronto Raptors Online

The Playstation Vue service actually provides you with yet another means of streaming the Toronto Raptors games online live. It’s a newly created service from Sony that is trying to get a top spot as the next cable replacement option. At about $30 each month, Playstation Vue provides its subscribers with access to more than 50 different major television channels.

For the most, NBA fans will likely tune into channels like TNT and ESPN. The reason behind that is when it comes to streaming live NBA games, alone, those channels broadcast over 100 of them. All you need to do is review the PlayStation Vue’s list of channels to see which of the others you’ll be able to tune in to. On the downside, with Vue, you aren’t allowed to stream content outside of your home network. So, yea, that sucks. :-(.

At a cheaper price and offering the same channels plus more as Playstation Vue, Sling TV is still our choice out of the 2 services. They have sign-up bonuses after all.

An HD Antenna and the Toronto Raptors Games

If no one told you, there are plenty of networks that broadcasts live programs over the air (OTA). Only thing that most people need in order to pick up on the live streams, is an antenna. Nowadays, antennas are of super quality and can pick up a wider range of signals.

An HD antenna attached to your television set can pick up signals being sent from networks such as ABC, who occasionally air NBA games. This is a completely free method in the event you already have an antenna. To find out which games will be aired in your local area and at what times, check out ABC’s television schedule. From there, simply tune and at that time.

You can also add a DVR to make recording live games possible. If you don’t have the time to tune in and watch the games when they’re on, simply recording and view them later.

International Users

For those readers who live outside of the USA, a VPN (virtual private network) can be used to take advantage of these methods listed above.

With your newfound knowledge, watching the Raptors games online should be a breeze. Make use of one of the services mentioned, and kiss your cable goodbye.

Other streaming services we did not discuss, but you can use to stream live sports:

  • DirecTV Now
  • Hulu
  • Vidgo
  • Youtube Unplugged