How to Legally Watch Thursday Night Football Games Without Cable

The time of the year all sports fan has arrived, it’s football season! And recently, the NFL decided to give football fans more football to watch on Thursdays while they wait for the games on Sunday.

Thursday games are very popular because it’s almost the end of the week and usually the teams that play on Thursdays are very talented, so you know it’s going to be a great game. And for those people who decided to cut cable to start saving money, there is still a way you can watch Thursday night football games, and that’s with online streaming services.

Thursday night football games don’t air on local networks, instead the games are broadcasted on the NFL Network. But sometimes the games are aired on a CBS or NBC simulcast.

So if you want to start watching your favorite team play on Thursdays but don’t want to pay a huge cable bill to watch the games, be sure to check out this guide we created. Below is some of the best and most affordable streaming services currently on the market.

And best of all, these streaming services are completely legal and you can watch a replay of the game any time during the week!

Watch Thursday Night Football Live Stream on Sling TV Free Trial

Without a doubt, Sling TV provides the best way to watch not only Thursday Night Football games online, but also other sports online.

No matter what type of sports you want to watch, you can easily find a game to watch with the large number of channels Sling TV offers. It’s a great way to keep up with your favorite team after cutting the cord on cable.

One reason why so many new cord cutters sign up for Sling TV streaming service to watch the NFL Network stream and other channels is because of the affordable price compared to cable. Also because there’s many useful features and you can watch the football games on most popular devices on the market today.

Sling TV includes: The option of choosing between a 20+ channel package or a 30+ channel package. The channel packages start at just $20 a month, but the price increases depending on if you add any add-ons to your account. Unlike cable, there’s no long-term contracts or fees.

You can cancel at any time with no penalties. You can watch Thursday Night Football games live or with on-demand feature. Sling TV works on many devices including smartphones and tablets, so you can watch the NFL Network at home, or on the go.

You can also use a popular streaming device like the Apple TV or you can use a Roku TV with Sling TV. There’s also a few bonuses available. You can get a free Roku 2 or a $60 discount on Apple TV if you prepay for 3 months.

Watch Thursday Night Football Games Using NFL Game Pass

If you don’t mind waiting until the game is over to be able to watch the Thursday Night football games, then NFL Game Pass Domestic may be a good option for you. With this streaming service, you can watch any of the games on-demand as soon as the game ends.

You can watch the game in its entirety, or you can watch a 30 minutes condensed version with no commercials. Using Game Pass is especially good for those people who are usually working on Thursday Nights.

And the best feature of Game Pass is that not only will you be able to watch Thursday Night games, but you’ll have access to every single game that is played the entire season! And you can watch the “vault” of all NFL games played the last 8 seasons! You can sign up today for just $99, or you can sign up for the free 7-day trial to preview the service.

Use The Playstation Vue To Watch TNF Games Online

The Playstation Vue is a new streaming service offered by Sony and it allows people with a Playstation 4 gaming console to watch various cable channels on their PS4. This service is a very affordable option (starting at $30) for those of you who wants to watch TNF games at home. The only downside to the Vue is that you can’t use the service while on the road, you can only use it at home.