Watch The Big Bang Theory Online Without Cable


As of 2017, cord cutters and fans of The Big Bang Theory rejoice! You will have several options available to you that will make it possible to stream The Big Bang Theory live on the internet without cable.

Several noteworthy streaming services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now have failed to strike a deal with CBS, which made it impossible to find a legal way to stream The Big Bang Theory live on the internet.

How to watch the Big Bang Theory Without Cable

There are three ways to stream this popular TV show online without cable. One of which is through CBS’ very own live streaming service called CBS All Access. Although CBS’ streaming service is good in quality and fairly easy to use on your phone, laptop or desktop. The negative is you’ll only be able to stream only CBS content.

Streaming only CBS content is not necessarily a bad thing if you’re only interested in popular CBS TV shows like Big Bang Theory, NCIS, 2 Broke girls and more.

If you’d like to stream let’s say CNN or other out of network shows, you won’t be able to with CBS All Access. The cost for CBS All Access isn’t too expensive, but again you are limited to just CBS TV shows. The entry level plan is $5.99, however if you want an ad free experience, the price will increase to $9.99.

If commercials aren’t bothersome to¬†you like it is for me, I recommend subscribing to the entry level plan of $5.99. As you can tell, the price for access to CBS TV shows aren’t super expensive, but again you are only limited to their franchise TV shows.

Streaming CBS with Youtube Unplugged

Another option is to stream The Big Bang theory via Google’s new live TV streaming service called Youtube Unplugged (What is youtube unplugged). This new platform isn’t yet released to the public, but rumors has it that Google have struck a deal with CBS to stream their content live on Youtube.

From the information that we’ve gathered, the rumored price to subscribe to Youtube Unplugged will be around $25 to $50. I am sure that the price will increase if you desire an ad-free experience.

Youtube unplugged is a service that is scheduled to launch in the early part of 2017 so make sure to review this service here before committing to it.

The great thing about this new service is you’ll be allowed to try it out for free. The 7 day free trial option is available to anyone who is interested in trying out Youtube Unplugged. If you don’t like it, make sure to unsubscribe within the 7 day trial period. I suggest to put the free trial end date on your calendar so you won’t forget. If you do forget they will charge your card automatically without prior notification.

Watch CBS Show Through OTA Antenna

Not too many cord cutters know that they can access live CBS content through a digital antenna. Because of so many paid streaming services in the market, many people forgot that you can watch CBS by way of an indoor antenna.

Back in the early days of television, antenna was mainly used to receive Over the Air broadcast of the big four major networks (ABC,CBS, NBC & FOX). Later cable television and satellite tv came into the market, and many people forgot that by using a digital antenna you can still receive live broadcast of The Big Bang Theory without cable for free.

There are several digital antenna options available to customers, but I suggest FlatWave Amped antenna. They’ve been in business for around 60 years.