How to Legally Watch Texas Football Online Free Without Cable

Friday night lights in the State of Texas give way to glorious Saturdays of Texas football. The University of Texas is one of the most selective universities in the Lone Star State. Whether academically or athletically, the University of Texas is a hot ticket. Fans flock to Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas to watch the Longhorns football program take on their latest Big 12 Conference rival. The Texas football program is familiar with receiving accolades, whether it be the Heisman Trophy, the Hall of Fame or athletes that go on to NFL glory.

Texas fans can’t stand to miss out on the latest in Longhorn football. The good news is, with new technology, they don’t have to miss even a minute of the action from Austin. Today, Texas fans can tune in to the best in Longhorn sports from anywhere in the country. And cable isn’t required, either. There are better ways that Texas enthusiasts can choose just the channels and sports that they watch the most, at lower prices than cable. Read on.

Slash the Bill with Sling TV

One way that Texas fans are seeing all of the action is with new streaming service Sling TV. Use any one of many compatible streaming devices to bring Sling TV into your home or wherever you are, with nothing more than an internet connection. For a low monthly fee, you can choose from one of two basic packages, the Orange package of channels and the Blue package of channels. The Orange package focuses on ABC and ESPN channels. In the basic level of service, you get ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. You can also use the service to find any Texas Longhorns football that airs on an ABC station. It’s as easy as logging into the WatchESPN App.

With the Blue package, you get a collection of NBC and FOX sports programming. Depending on the sports and teams that you watch the most, either package gets you in to watch the can’t-miss sports that you love. Starting at only $20 per month, this is a great service at a low price.

For a little bit more, you can choose from several add on packages. These options, such as the Sports Extra option, give you a few more channels in a certain genre, for another small charge per month. The Sports Extra package, for example, is only an extra $5 per month.

Sling TV makes it easy to take their service on the road. You can login anywhere you have the internet and you’re good to go. Watch on one device for $20 per month, or up to three devices for $25 per month, plus any add-on packages including a one week free trial offer.

PlayStation Vue Has a Large Base Package Including Longhorn Network

For Texas Longhorns fans that know they want to commit to a large package of base channels, there is PlayStation Vue. This is another streaming option that lets you cut off cable by using the internet to bring you your favorite television channels including the Longhorn Network.

Because you get so many channels for one, upfront fee, this service sets you back a bit more than Sling TV, with entry-level options starting at $30 or $40 per month. The exact price depends on your location, plus you get a seven day free trial when you sign up.

PlayStation Vue has the most serious Texas football fans covered with cloud-based DVR services included. In addition to television and computers, the service works on iOS and Android devices. There are some restrictions on using the service away from the primary device.

Get Longhorn Network with DirecTV Now

For fans who want optimum streaming services, there is DirecTV Now. A large number of networks have signed on for this exciting new streaming option, including the Longhorn Network, AMC, Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Disney and WWE.

Major notable exclusions include CBS and Showtime. This service doesn’t offer DVR services, and streaming services occasionally display an error code.

CBS All Access Get You the Best in CBS

Some University of Texas fans know they love to get their Longhorn sports on CBS. So these fans are always satisfied, CBS offers All Access streaming service. This creative product lets football fans access any program that a CBS affiliate station is airing. Not all CBS stations participate in the program, but most are eager to share their programming with Texas fans. This service has one of the lowest price points, starting at only $5.99 per month. The service includes on-demand access to hit CBS shows.

Hulu Streaming Service

With partial ownership by The Walt Disney Company, fans who are loyal to the best that Disney has to offer love this service. what sets Hulu apart from other streaming services is that, in addition to offering the television services you watch the most, you get unique content, created just for Hulu fans. The service includes ESPN, so University of Texas fans are never disappointed.

Aim the Antenna

Another way to see the best in Texas athletics is with a television antenna. If you’re in the broadcasting range of the station that’s sending out the broadcast signal through the airways, use a television antenna to pull in the signal.

With this tried and true technology, you can watch the game for free. Enhance the experience by using a Tablo DVR to record the service as you like. Of course, this only works if you’re within the broadcasting range of the station that’s airing the game. However, when you can get a game, you know that the best commentators and camera artists come together to air quality Texas football.

University of Texas football fans are using these streaming services to ditch the cable and get in the game. These revolutionary service providers know that you want to choose only the stations you watch the most at the price that you choose. Most of these services offer free trials so that new users can check out all that they have to offer. And you never have to sign on for a long-term contract that gets you down. With streaming services, you can use the service for as long as you like, pressure free. Some of these services offer incentives and discounts for Texas fans that know they love the service and want to sign up for a longer-term package.