How to Watch The Tennis US Open Online Without Cable

The US Open is the largest tennis tournament in the United States. It is the last tennis tournament that is part of the Grand Slam series of tennis tournaments contested all over the world. The Championship was first contested in 1881. It begins each year at the end of August. With prize money in the millions of dollars, the biggest names in tennis come each year to try and win the title.

The tournament is just as big for fans. While fans come from all over the world to see their favorite tennis players, they also want to know where they can follow the action live on television. If you’re looking for a tennis US Open live stream, you have some options. These options are legal and easier to access than ever before. You can watch the US Open without cable, using just your internet connection, like you watch video and other embedded media. Read on to find out how easy this can be for you.

Start With Sling TV’s Streaming Options For Tennis Matches

Sling TV is the powerhouse in internet streaming services. For just $20 per month, you can get the most popular television channels. That’s only a tiny slice of what you have to pay to get even the most basic cable package. Dish Network put this streaming service together and it allows you to start with a basic package and add just the extra channels that you want to pay for. Extra packages range from $5 to $15 a month.

If you want the tennis US Open live stream, choose the orange package of basic channels instead of the blue package. The reason for this is that the orange package gets its sports channels from the ESPN family of channels. With ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 in the base package, that alone is enough to give you access to a lot of the tennis US Open. With the package, you can also use the WatchESPN app to log in using your Sling TV username. That way you can even watch the US Open while you’re on the road.

Try out Sling TV for seven days without paying a thing. Just cancel it if you don’t like it. The trial period alone isn’t enough to watch the entire US Open because it lasts for several weeks, but you can buy Sling TV for just a month if you want to. If you know you want the service longer term, they give you a Roku 2 streaming device for free or half off a Roku 3 if you agree to use the service for three months.

The US Open Website

The US Open has taken steps to put some content on its own website. There, you can see some of the matches for free. There’s not a clear schedule of what they plan to air on the website, so this is hit and miss. It’s a good way to check out some content, though.

PlayStation Vue Packages (Free Trial)

Another streaming service that brings you ESPN is PlayStation Vue. ESPN comes in the base package with this service, and it’s a good choice if you want a larger base package of channels than you can get with Sling TV. PlayStation Vue costs as much as $39.99 per month to get a basic package. The higher the entry-level cost is, the more channels you get, depending on your location.

Mobile restrictions are a common complaint with this service, so it might not be the best if you’re a heavy traveler. PlayStation consoles are the intended streaming device for this service, but service developers are working to constantly add new streaming services to the compatibility list.

Options Outside the United States

If you want the tennis US Open live stream and you live outside of the United States, there are ways that you can watch via internet stream. In the United Kingdom, NOW TV is a viable option. Sky Sports is the parent of NOW TV, an emerging streaming service. If you choose NOW TV you get all seven of the Sky Sport channels.

Sky Sports sells the streaming service by the day, the week or the month. Buying by the month is the best value, and that’s how you want to go if you want to watch every minute of the US Open. There is no commitment and you can cancel out when you no longer want the streaming service.