Legally Watch Tennessee Football Games Online Free Without Cable

In Tennessee, football is not just about football. To serious Volunteers, football is about the spirit of Tennessee. UT Orange, as fans call it, is the color of Tennessee pride. The Volunteers and their mascot, Smokey, take football seriously.

Recognizing the connection between academics and sports, Tennessee offers a popular and entertaining pre-game academic lecture series called the Pregame Showcase. In this series, Tennessee’s fine faculty members give lectures on a variety of popular and amusing topics before every home game.

The Tennessee Volunteers are called the Vols for short. The nickname Tennessee fans love comes from the State of Tennessee’s nickname, the Volunteer State. Every year, the team trains hard for its most important rivalry, the University of Kentucky. The Tennessee Volunteers are a mainstay in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Eastern Division. Many proud alumni go on to careers in professional football.

When Tennessee fans want to watch the action, they want options. While there’s nothing quite like seeing the Volunteers live at high-capacity Neyland Stadium, there are other ways fans can keep in touch when they can’t put on their spirit wear and head to the game. Read on to hear about all the ways Volunteer fans can find the content they want.

Fortunately, Tennessee fans don’t need to hesitate before they cut the cable. Today, there are streaming packages that don’t make you pay for channels you don’t watch. These options are completely legal, modern and high quality. They bring Vols football directly to the television set or conveniently to your mobile device, all season long. There are a variety of options to suit different tastes and price points.

CBS All Access Brings the Action of the Orange to You

This service is one of CBS’ cutting-edge offerings. CBS has local affiliates all over the country that offer niche programming. More than 80 percent of CBS stations nationwide take part in this program. Just choose the local CBS station that’s airing what you want to watch and tune right in.

Participation in CBS All Access also gives you full access to the CBS library of programming. In addition to CBS’ award-winning sports shows, you get access to hit CBS news and comedy shows. You can watch on-demand or see them live.

CBS All Access is affordable for the fans. At only $5.99 per month, subscribers don’t have to break the bank to see the game. If you want to see what it’s all about, try it free for seven days.

Watch UT Football Games with Sling TV

The power of Dish Network is behind the new streaming service Sling TV. With Sling TV, users sign up for a monthly service that gives them access to only the big names they crave. There’s no paying for hundreds of channels that never see the light of day. Instead, Sling TV subscribers get only the best channels that keep them in touch with the Tennessee Volunteers.

Sling TV comes with more than twenty of the best channels. You can tune into Tennessee football with big-name channels like ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN 3. And Sling TV makes it easy. Just use the same login you use for Sling TV to go login to the WatchESPN app. A few clicks and you’re in to watch the ESPN family of networks. Access also includes any games that ABC airs during the season. These channels are scheduled to broadcast a large number of Tennessee football games and other important SEC contests.

You can start your Sling TV subscription at the basic level for only $20 per month. For even more all-the-time access there’s the Sports Extra Package. It’s just an additional monthly fee of $5. With it you get ESPNews, ESPNU and the magic of the SEC Network. These channels offer even more streaming of top SEC games and expert analysis.

For a limited time, users can agree to three months of service in exchange for a complementary Roku 2 or Apple TV at a great discounted rate. With these promotions, this service pays for itself by the end of three months. With so many ways to find their favorite games, the Volunteers never need to miss even a minute of the greatest moments in sports history.

DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue Offers Internet-Based Streaming

These services are yet another way for sports fans to connect with all of the action. DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue streams Tennessee football and all of the best of the SEC. Similar to Sling TV in many respects, DirecTV Now and Vue streams from the internet directly to your television set or compatible device. However, PlayStation view sets you back a bit more than Sling TV, starting at at least $29.99 per month, and $39.99 in some markets.

PlayStation Vue is a bit problematic when it comes to streaming away from its home device. This makes it less portable than Sling TV. There are multiple package options and price points for the most discerning consumers.

Catch the SEC on CBS

CBS has a special agreement with the SEC. That means they get first choice of what SEC games to broadcast. Each week, CBS chooses at least one game to call its SEC Game of the Week. CBS airs these games over their traditional broadcast network. All you need is an antenna and a television set.

There’s nothing to sign up for, no logins, and no credit card required. These high-quality broadcasts reach a wide audience and they come with expert commentary and entertainment. CBS plans to include Tennessee football in some of these broadcast selections.

Do you want to combine old and new technology? Set your DVR to record an over-the-air broadcast. You can record the game and watch it later, or you can pause the game when something important comes up. If you use the Tablo, you can use DVR to record the broadcast and then move it to your phone or your other mobile device. This lets you keep up with all of Tennessee football’s biggest games.

Listen To Tennessee Football on CBS College Sports Live

Fans can find low-cost audio streams of their favorite Tennessee football on CBS’ College Sports Live. These audio streams are the product of CBS’ hard work creating agreements with many schools to bring audio streaming directly to sports fans.

For only $9.95 per month, fans can find literally thousands of games, year round. These options keep the Tennessee Volunteers enthusiastic and plugged in to all the action, year round.