How to Watch TCM Online Free Without Cable

One of the best places on television to see great movies is TCM. TCM means Turner Classic Movies and the name is synonymous with great American movies throughout history. The channel has a large library to choose from MGM and Warner Bros. The channel has been popular since its inception in the 1980s.

Even though Turner Classic Movies might be classic, cable is not. Today, you don’t have to put up with cable in order to see all of the classic greats on TCM. Today, you can watch TCM without cable by using your internet connection to harness television.

How Does Internet Television Work

Internet-based television uses your high speed internet connection to send you the television feed. This happens live, and you see the television channel just like it would play if you were actually watching it on cable. There are some benefits that make it better than cable, though. You don’t need equipment from a cable company, there aren’t cable wires running through your house, and there’s no minimum term of commitment. This is legal to do, and millions of subscribers have made the switch to this modern way to watch tv.

Watch TCM Live on DirecTV NOW Without Cable

One such streaming service is DirecTV NOW. This service starts at just $35 per month. While that’s more expensive than some of the other services available, it’s still a fraction of the cost of cable and the channel package is larger than some other services officer. Included channels are E!, TBS, TNT, USA, A&E and BET, to name just a few.

DirecTV NOW doesn’t have mobile subscriptions, so when you find yourself away from home you can just log in on your phone or your computer and you won’t miss a beat. Use the free trial to enjoy the service for a week without spending a dime. Also, if you want to agree to a minimum term of service you can get a streaming device in exchange for taking the jump.

Live Stream TCM Online on Sling TV (Free Trial)

This service is the largest in online streaming and it’s a great way to watch TCM without cable because the channel is available in the Hollywood Extra package. This service is only $20 to get the base package, so it’s the cheapest way to ditch cable in favor of internet television. There are on-demand features in addition to live television, so there is something for everyone.

The way you get TCM with Sling TV is by choosing a base channel package. These cost $20 or $25 and there are two options. Then you get your pick of some extras that you can choose for a small fee. There’s no minimum, so you can select none, or you can select them all. The package to choose if you want Turner Classic Movies is the Hollywood Extra package. This package is only $5 more each month and it contains a handful of channels that bring you the best of Hollywood.

Sing TV gives you a free trial for a week. You can also get a Roku 2 for free if you agree to prepay for your service for three months. In addition, if you want a Roku 3 or Apple TV instead, there are deep discounts on these with the three-month commitment. T-Mobile customers get a separate discount, and T-Mobile is kind enough not to count data use against your phone plan when you’re watching Sling TV.

PlayStation Vue

Another great option to get the TCM live stream is Playstation Vue. With this service, TCM is part of the lowest channel package for $29.99 per month. Don’t let the base price fool you, though, PlayStation Vue offers one of the largest base channel packages available today, with more than fifty channels.

This streaming service also comes with content that you can get on demand from leading broadcasters like FOX, NBC and ABC. The service lags behind a bit in streaming devices that you can use to watch on television but Sony is diligently working to catch up in this regard. Large markets also offer local channels.

Other Options

Right now, there are no other ways to watch TCM without cable. You might be able to find a few of the specific movies here and there but you won’t find the entire channel. Your best bets are DirecTV NOW, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, though new competitors are entering the market quickly in this growing field of internet television.