How to Watch Sunday Night Football Without Cable Free

Watching their favorite professional sports team is the way that many Americans relax after a long week. Sunday Night Football is a great way to unwind one last time before the start of another busy work week. Americans love to pass the tradition down from generation to generation. Friends gather to watch the games and share predictions about their favorite players and teams.

While new football stars always come along to set new records and win in grand fashion, new television options have come along, too. Today, you don’t have to grumble about your cable subscription while you scroll through the schedule to find your favorite game. No, cable today fails to get the first down. Instead, football fans are making the forward pass to find ways to watch Sunday Night Football online.

What is Online, Streaming Television?

Watching online is a lot like watching with cable. You get the exact same channels. You can watch as many hours as you want with no limitations. You can change between channels whenever you want to.

The difference is that there are no cables. You use a fast internet connection in order to stream the television channel. It seems like watching a video online. You get the television channel as it airs. You can watch on your computer, your phone or a television with a streaming device.

There are a few other, practical differences. Most companies that bring you streaming television don’t make you sign a contract. You can cancel whenever you want to without a fee. You can generally exercise more choice over what your channel package includes.

There are lots of ways to watch Sunday Night Football online. Each company offers unique features and price points. This is your guide to how to stream the best in Sunday Night Football without ever giving cable a spot on the roster:

Sling TV Specializes in Sunday Night Football (Free Trial)

Sling TV has quickly grown to becoming the powerhouse of streaming television. You can watch the best in paid television at a price of only $20 per month. Sling TV puts only the most popular channels in the base package, so you can get that low price if that’s what you want. You can even take your choice of two options for base channels. If you want extra channels, that’s your choice, but there’s no pressure to pay any extra and you can cancel at any time.

The Sling TV basic packages are divided into two groups, and you choose the one you like best. If you want to watch Sunday Night Football, you should select the Sling Blue package. This is a big package, and you get more than forty channels in the base package alone. This costs just $25 per month with no minimum term or obligation.

Pay attention to what’s available in the package, though. You need NBC to be in the Sling Blue package to get Sunday Night Football, and it’s not available in every area. You can get it in most large cities, including New York, Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia. If you’re one of the lucky ones to live in these locations and a few others, you get Sunday Night Football each Sunday on NBC. Sling TV constantly works to add more channels, though, so it’d be worth your time to check the channel listing to see what you have.

Sling TV gives you a free trial for seven days, so check it out to see if it’s for you. If you want three months of service, they’re willing to give you a free Roku 2. Alternatively, you can get Apple TV or a Roku 3 at a discount.

Make the Pass to PlayStation Vue and Hulu to Watch NFL Live

PlayStation Vue is a great streaming option, too. They put more channels in the base subscription than Sling TV, so you have to pay at least $30 per month up front. There is the same issue with NBC’s availability, though. Most, but not all, markets have an NBC live stream, and these markets are concentrated in large cities. On the upside, there is some on-demand access for NBC, so you can eventually watch your favorite show. It’s worth noting that sports programs are not on demand, so it’s not a feature you can rely on if you want to watch Sunday Night Football online.

PlayStation Vue works with a number of streaming devices, but you still want to check to make sure that it works for you. Some say that PlayStation Vue is behind the ball when it comes to making its services compatible with streaming devices. Perhaps this is to encourage users to use the device with a PlayStation console, but in any event, the service doesn’t always work with your streaming device of choice.