How to Stream OWN Network Online Free Without Cable

Say the name Oprah and immediately there are expectations. Oprah is one of the biggest names in modern television. Not only is she one of the leading talk show hosts in American history, she also has a keen eye for choosing new television shows and telling the stories of everyday Americans. If it’s from Oprah and her network, you know that it’s going to be good.

Oprah and OWN

Shortly after ending her network talk show, Oprah launched Oprah Winfrey Network. The network tells the story of the human experience and how to overcome personal hardships. It contains topics that matter to Oprah.

She continues to influence the world with this groundbreaking network that is all her OWN, literally. She has developed new shows for the network, and they have become instant hits. Some of these hits include: Super Soul Sundays, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, Greenleaf and Oprah: Where Are They Now. Many of these shows are designed especially for women’s issues and interests, and there are many shows that talk about the unique interests and challenging issues facing minorities in the United States.

Loyal fans of the network want to know if there’s a way to watch OWN network online. Tired of cluttered cable packages, loyal OWN fans want to know if they can get the network they love without having to also buy big cable packages that they don’t really want. The good news is that today, these options exist and there are many to choose from. These options are easy to sign up for, and they are not expensive.

Watch OWN Network Live on DirecTV NOW

This is a new streaming service that allows you to watch OWN network online. It uses internet streaming so that you can watch the same network feed of OWN that you could get if you shelled out the big bucks for cable. The only difference is that more cash stays in your wallet, and there’s no cable commitment needed. With DirecTV NOW you pay as go you, month by month, with no hidden fees or surprises.

If you have an internet feed you can sign up for this monthly subscription service. You pay by the month as you go and you can watch on any compatible device. This way, you get the same great channels, but there’s no need to spend an afternoon waiting for the cable guy to show up. When you want to cancel, just cancel. It’s that easy.

For the entry level price of $35 per month, you get DirecTV NOW’s base package and you can watch OWN network online. That gives you a package of some of the most popular channels available, including OWN, Cartoon Network, Disney, MTV and AMC. The base package of channels is quite large. In addition to the base channels, you can choose from a number of optional upgrades. HBO is one example, and it’s available for an extra $5 per month.

There’s no extra equipment required, so you don’t have to put a satellite dish in the front yard. You need a compatible streamer like Apple TV or Chromecast, and you can watch on your big-screen television. There are also other devices you can use like your desktop, a laptop or your smartphone.

There’s no commitment with DirecTV NOW. You can even try it out for a week for free if you’re not sure if you like it. If you want to prepay for a few months in a row, you get your choice of Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV stick. Choose the free trial today and you can watch OWN network online right now.

PlayStation Vue

If DirecTV NOW doesn’t meet your needs, you can use PlayStation Vue to get OWN. Although PlayStation Vue has a higher price point for entry-level service than Sling TV, its main rival, OWN comes as part of the basic package of services on PlayStation Vue.

Depending on where you live, it costs $30 or $40 per month to subscribe to PlayStation Vue. The price you pay determines how many channels you get in base package. Like cable, there is no way to cut down on channels if you want a lower fee. $30 or $40 is the ground floor for this service.

With the service, there are some on-demand options that viewers appreciate. Watch on your PlayStation console or with a few other streaming devices like a Roku. Some users complain that the service is not as compatible with a variety of devices as Sling TV’s service, and some users choose Sling TV instead for that reason. There are other mobile devices you can use like your smartphone, if you have an iOS or an Android.

If you prefer Apple TV, PlayStation Vue isn’t for you right now, because there’s no Apple TV compatibility with PlayStation Vue. Other users complain about restrictions away from the home network, so it’s not the best for travelers. For this reason, Sling TV has greater versatility to meet a variety of needs. Even so, PlayStation Vue is a way to access OWN through internet streaming.

OWN is Not on Hulu

One place you can’t find OWN is on Hulu. The streaming service has a lot to offer, but OWN isn’t among those offerings. Hulu specializes in current and old television hits. There are also original shows that make the offerings with this service very popular with subscribers.

You can buy the service with or without commercials. If you can put up with a few commercials, you pay $7.99 per month. To cut out the commercials, you have to pay $11.99 per month. There is a seven-day free trial so you can check it out without a commitment.

Other Places to Find OWN

While many recognize Sling TV as the leader in online streaming services, the service doesn’t carry OWN as of yet. Sling TV offers an extremely low price point for new subscribers, and it undercuts both DirecTV NOW and PlayStation Vue in terms of price. Even so, Sling TV doesn’t have OWN yet, but they have a number of other offerings that appeal to a variety of interests. Sling TV is the most customizable of the options, so it’s worth checking out, especially if OWN isn’t at the top of your priority list.

You can find some OWN programs if you search Netflix or Amazon Prime, but finding these shows might be a bit unpredictable. With these options, you can watch OWN network online. This is a great way to see your favorite shows without having long commitments that you don’t want. Let OWN and your favorite streaming service inspire you today.