How to Legally Watch Stanford Football Online Free Without Cable

The name Stanford is synonymous with excellence. Stanford University has a long history of academic and athletic excellence. Alumni of highly selective Stanford University go on to take their place at the forefront of business, medicine and legal professions throughout the world. Alumni are Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes Scholars. With an unofficial motto of “The wind of freedom blows,” Stanford is famous for research, innovation and progress.

One of the most prominent images of Stanford’s commitment to excellence is its fine athletic program. Stanford holds it own against much larger universities in the Pac-12 Conference’s North Division. Stanford fields a number of NCAA teams that make frequent post-season appearances, such as its outstanding NCAA gymnastics and basketball teams. In 1902, Stanford played against Michigan in the very first Rose Bowl. Legendary coach Glenn “Pop” Warner led the football team to an undefeated season national championship in 1926.

Alumni and friends use Stanford sports to show their loyalty to this outstanding school. These loyal Stanford enthusiasts follow their favorite team to show their spirit for the school and its outstanding programs. Fortunately, Stanford fans are smart. They know that they don’t need to stick with costly cable packages in order to make sure they can see their favorite Cardinal teams. Today, there are smart new services that bring Stanford sports directly to the fans.

Sling TV is a Cutting Edge Streaming Service

Cardinal fans are finding their favorite football games using Sling TV. Sling TV is a new streaming service that unbundles cable and brings the most popular channels directly to the fans. Stanford fans can find out what more than one million people already know. Sling TV is an affordable way to bring the best in cable programming right to you at a low price.

You can watch Sling TV on a number of devices including any Android or iOS phone. In addition, a subscriber can connect Sling TV to a big-screen television using a compatible device like a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV. With its slogan of Take Back TV, Sling TV allows customers to choose from different base packages with available add ons, so subscribers pay for only the best channels they watch the most.

Sling TV gives you access to ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. You can connect through the WatchESPN App. There is also an available Sports Extra upgrade that allows users to select even more sports programming that includes local, regional broadcasts of favorite conference channels as well as ESPN Bases Loaded and ESPN Buzzer Beater. The upgrade to the Sports Extra package also includes popular Univision Deportes Network.

Subscribers can also use their Sling TV service to access any game that airs on ABC’s broadcast network. These games are available on the WatchESPN App, too. And users never have to create multiple logins or try to remember a lot of confusing passwords. Rather, the same login that you use for Sling TV works for the WatchESPN App, too. With Sling TV, the process is streamlined and all the action is in one place. It even works on the go, so you can access your subscription from any compatible device, even if you’re miles away from home.

PlayStation Vue, Hulu & DirecTV Now is a Consistent Streaming Service For Baylor Games

Another great way to see the Stanford Cardinals is with streaming services offered by PlayStation Vue. This is a service that uses an internet connection to stream the best cable channels directly into your home. You don’t need to have a cable subscription, and many Stanford fans have found that they can use PlayStation Vue’s streaming packages as an alternative to a cumbersome cable package.

PlayStation Vue allows customers to choose from a variety of available packages. Each package offers a collection of the most popular channels, tailored to the individual interests of the subscriber. This streaming service comes from the cloud, so users don’t have to worry about limited space on a device. PlayStation Vue is available in the entire United States.

DirecTV Now owned by AT&T is similar to Sling and Vue in that it streams live TV online without the need of a cable subscription. DirecTV Now is unique in that it allows AT&T cell phone subscribers to stream content live on their phone for free. To sweeten the deal, DirecTV Now let’s new customers try out their service for 7-days for free, and you can cancel anytime.

Live Radio Coverage

Today, Cardinal fans can enjoy radio streaming of Stanford Cardinals football. This streaming comes to you live, wherever you have an internet connection or a phone with a data plan. The service, called TuneIn, allows viewers to connect with radio station feeds from all over the country. A user can find the station airing the big game and they are good to go.

Football on Broadcast Television

Big name broadcasters like ABC and FOX also air Stanford sports. These networks select the biggest games that draw in a big audience and air them for free on their broadcast networks. Because these broadcasts usually attract a large audience, you can expect outstanding camera work and the most qualified commentators.

To watch Stanford sports on broadcast television, you can find the time of the game in a programming guide. Then, use a television antenna to pick up the channel airing the game. As long as you’re in broadcast range of the television station airing the broadcast, you can see the game. You don’t have to log in to this service, and FOX and ABC don’t ask for your name or ask you to create an account. The broadcasts are free to anyone who picks them up using a television antenna.

To make broadcasts of the Stanford Cardinals football games even more convenient for you, you can get a Tablo DVR. This device allows you to record and broadcast live television. The device records the game as it airs. You don’t have to watch the game as this happens. Instead, you can save the game and watch it later. On the other hand, if you’re watching the game live, your Tablo DVR lets you stop the game for something important. You can pick up right where you left off with the touch of a button.

With these options, Stanford fans never need to find themselves in the lurch when it comes to finding the big game. Cardinal fans know they can save a bundle on streaming services and cut the cord on paying for cable channels they don’t want or need. These many options have something for everyone, and Stanford fans can find their favorite game when they are taking a break from leading the world in science, technology and medicine.