How to Watch Spike Without Cable Free

While there are quite a number of people who watch Spike TV, there are very few who are actually aware of what can be called its crazy history of Spike TV. Launched originally as ‘The Nashville Network’ in 1983, the network aired content that was geared towards country music fans. As time passed, however, the network continued to evolve and was finally rebranded. Re-launched as Spike TV in 2003, the network dropped the ‘TV’ part of its name in 2006. Despite that fact, it is still called by its former full name “Spike TV” by its viewers till date.

Along with re-branding, Spike TV also made a transition from what the network regarded as male-centric programming, like Robot Wars and Baywatch to a more balanced one. As of today, Spike airs a variety of programs, including popular reality shows such as Bar Rescue and Ink Masters, which indeed are more balanced and less male-centric in terms of their audience base.

If you are among the many people who loves Spike and its shows, but don’t have cable, you’ve come to the right place! Read our guide and learn how you can watch your favorite Spike programs without ever needing a cable connection.


One of the few options of watching Spike TV without cable, DIRECTV NOW has a couple of positive features such as the ability to add HBO to your package at simply $5 per month and a guide which allows you to surf channels. Furthermore, using DIRECTV does not require you to sign any contracts, and neither are there any mobile restrictions that you will have to bear. On the flip side, however, there are a few negative points. With a starting base package price of $35 per month, which makes the DIRECTV one of the most expensive services available.

Apart from Spike TV, you can also watch other popular cable channels such as Bravo, AMC, History Channel, Discovery, USA, MSNBC, and TNT, among others. DIRECTV NOW already supports most streaming devices and is adding more to its list by the day.

In case you’re still not convinced, you can try DIRECTV NOW for a shot, you can start with the 7-day at no extra cost. You may only continue with the service if you like it. In case you do (and perhaps also need a streaming device), you can prepay for a month and win a free Amazon Fire TV stick, or prepay for for three months and win a free Apple TV. But regardless of whatever you may decide, don’t forget to sign up for the free trial!


Our personal recommendation, Sling TV is, as of today, the easiest and cheapest and easiest way to access a Spike TV live stream. With a starting package price of only $20 per month, the streaming service offers over 20 to 30 channels, depending upon the package you choose. You can get Spike as an add-on channel, included in the Comedy Plus Extra package at a nominal price of $5 extra a month. Therefore, you can get to watch all your favorite programs and channels, Spike TV included, at just $25 a month!

Not requiring any contract, Sling TV gives you the option to sign up and cancel at any time. Apart from that, they also have some fantastic deals up their sleeve. Sign up and prepay for three months of Sling TV, and you will win a heavily discounted Apple TV, or a FREE Roku streaming device. Bear in mind that this piece was written when the offer was active. Since offers do change from time-to-time, you must check out the option that is valid when you’re signing up for the service.

Not only is a fabulous way to enjoy Spike TV, it is also a great way to catch up on regular TV as well. Sling TV supports most streaming devices, from Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku to Android and iOS smartphones and computers. Sling TV also announced its Apple TV support recently, enabling Apple TV users to use the streaming service on their device.

To know more about the service, and how you can get the best of it click here, and to know what it feels like using it, try out the 7 day trial membership that is free of cost.


Extremely popular among the cord cutting community, Hulu has a large and diverse lineup and offers a large variety of programming which includes movies, old and new TV shows, and even broadcast network content. Hulu streams quite a few of Spike TV shows, from Bar Rescue and Ink Master to Lip Sync Battle and 1,000 Ways to Die – Hulu truly has a lot to offer. What’s more, you can watch some shows (like Bar Rescue) without a pay TV login. All new shows are generally available within several days of airing.

You can use the Hulu Plus subscription to watch your favorite broadcast network shows just one day after they air. These include shows like NBC’s Grimm and FOX’s Last Man on Earth. Apart from that, you can also watch Hulu original shows, such as 11.22.63. and The Path.

Coming at an affordable price of $7.99 a month, you can use Hulu on almost every device. While the normal version icludes some limited commercials, you can get the commercial-free version for $11.99 per month.
Still in doubt? Try out the service before actually using it by accepting Hulu’s free seven day trial, and watch Spike TV for a week at no cost!


As of now, the aforementioned are pretty much the only places where you can live stream Spike TV. Though Sony did stream the network, it does not do so any longer since it removed all its Viacom channels its PlayStation Vue streaming service in all pricing tiers. Besides Spike, this also includes Comedy Central, MTV, and MTV2.

With Sling TV routinely adding channels to its lineup, it might just begin to receive Spike in the future. Also, certain other new live streaming services are coming up and will soon be launched. This includes VIDGO, Hulu’s live TV service, and others, and any one or more of these may choose to stream Spike TV when they are released. If that happens, you will know it from us.

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