How to Watch South Carolina Basketball Games Live Without Cable

Never miss a single game of your loved team due to discontinued cable services. You can still watch South Carolina basketball games online without cable. The internet has quickly become a common source of live entertainment as cable TV is for most American homes. Networks have seen the power of the internet and thus are directing much of their effort to their online broadcasts to edge each other as they do on their television services.

Cable is rapidly being replaced by online streaming services even though broadcast TV is a platform that provides lives broadcasts. You can watch gamecock basketball live and get the latest news about your favorite sports teams and players. However, enjoying such instant broadcasts come at a fee, and this makes it difficult to watch without paying the subscription fees.

When it comes to live TV online, you have numerous options to pick from depending on what you wish to watch. Here are a few online streaming services that you can opt to subscribe to and watch South Carolina basketball games online without cable.

South Carolina Basketball Live Stream via PlayStation Vue

NBC, ESPN, CBS, and Fox are just some of the top channels on PlayStation Vue that you can tune into and watch South Carolina basketball games online if you do not have cable. The only issue with PlayStation Vue is the regional restrictions pegged on certain areas, so you might miss out on some channels based on your location, and the subscription fee may also be higher or lower based on where you live. On the bright side, PlayStation Vue works on Roku devices, Android-based devices, iOS-based devices, Amazon Fire, and other gadgets so you can still watch gamecock basketball online even when you are not at home.

Watch South Carolina Basketball Online On Sling

For only $20 per month, you can stay current with sports news and games on Sling Orange package. It gives you various games on NBC, Fox, and ESPN on the weekends and through certain days in the week based on the match days. Consider trying Sling and grab your chance to watch University of South Carolina basketball action. For an extra $20 (Orange + Blue package for $40) you can watch games on other premium channels on Sling. Just got to and pick a package that suits your needs. You can also opt to try the free trial package to see if Sling is for you.

Gamecock Basketball Live While On the Go via Verizon Wireless

The idea of watching a game for free on your TV or portable device that has internet access is a reality that every sports enthusiast would love. That is exactly what Verizon wireless offer. You only need to have a Verizon smartphone or tablet, and you can stream various games on any of its partner networks, for free! It will be a good option is you intend not to watch South Carolina basketball games online while you are away from Wi-Fi. This means you will be using your phone or tablet and that implies you are using your phone data.