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While there are many ways to watch your favorite soccer match today, live streaming now offers a portable solution for meeting your high-quality video needs. If you’re not sure how to go about legally tuning in to your favorite soccer stream this article will hopefully provide you with some much needed guidance.

There are a few major soccer leagues that you’re probably trying to follow, we’re going to examine this on an individual basis, so you can just skip ahead to your league and find out how to legally stream it.

English Premiere League

In the USA, the legal rights to broadcast English Premiere League matches is held by the NBC network. What this means for you is that if you wish to live stream any of these soccer matches, you’ll need to access one of NBC’s sport channels. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue contain NBCSN and a few other NBC channels in their packages. If you’re looking for a cost effective method, look no further than Sling TV’s blue package, which starts at a low $20, includes more than 40 different packages and does not require you to be obligated to any contracts.

You can also pick this channel up with an antenna, via NBC’s OTA (over the air) network, which broadcasts about 20 different matches a year on Saturday at 12:30PM EST. This is a free service, and if you have a good antenna you can expect to catch this in HD quality. The Spanish network Telemundo offers similar OTA services on Sundays at 11 AM EST, as long as you aren’t averse to watching your games in the Spanish language.

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is broadcasted through either the ESPN sports channels or the FOX sports channels in the USA. This is great news for subscribers to the Sling TV subscription live streaming service since Sling TV offers packages with ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. This is compatible with the WatchESPN app. Additionally Spanish commentated matches can be watched on ESPN Desportes. On the FOX side of things, Sling TV carries access to FS1, FS2, FOX sports (regional) and FOX affiliate channels (local). If you’re looking for another option to tune into FOX sports networks you can choose to use FOX’s own dedicated streaming service, FOX Soccer 2Go.

UEFA Europa League

The rights to broadcast Europa League games are held by the FOX network in the USA. Sling TV offers FS1, FS2 and FOX at only $25 per month in its Sling Blue package. This carries more than 40 other premium channels as well. Another option is Sony’s PlayStation Vue, which carries a host of FOX channels. Vue is significantly more expensive however, and has technical restrictions on the portability of its mobile streaming content.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup is one of the most watched events around the entire world. The event takes place every 4 years, with countries bidding to host this prestigious event. In 2018, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. The exclusive broadcasting rights have already been sold to the FOX network, meaning that once again your best option to live stream this event is through Sling TV. FOX network’s dedicated live streaming service, FOX Soccer 2Go, can also be used to watch the international sporting event. If you’d like to catch the game in Spanish, Telemundo should be your first choice.

Olympic Soccer

Olympic Sport is exclusively covered by Universal Sport, which is owned by the NBC network. Sling TV offers the Universal Sports channel with its additional Sports Extra package, which can be added for $5 to your base package. Additionally Sling International will offer a few sports channels for $10 per month to their international clients; including Universal Sports, BeIN Sports USA and a few other sports channels.


FOX has exclusive broadcast rights for this soccer league on a 5-year contract, starting in 2015 and ending in 2020. FOX’s own streaming service, FOX Soccer 2Go, can be used to stream these games. The service starts at about $20 per month or $100 annually. Alternatively, Sling TV offer FS1, FS2, and other FOX channels in their new multi-stream beta package for $20 per month, and this includes more than 30 other channels. Sling TV therefore offers a much more cost-effective solution for live streaming the Bundesliga league.

Liga MX

This Mexican soccer league can be live streamed in a few different ways. Sling TV provides a great way to stream this league, through its ESPN channels, Univision Desportes, and Telemundo. Included among the ESPN channels is ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPN Desportes. You can try a free 7-day trial of Sling TV to see if this live streaming service covers all of your needs. You could also use the Univision range of channels, including Univision Desportes, UniMas, and Univision Network. All of these Univision channels can be streamed live on fuboTV, which is a live soccer streaming service that starts at around $7 for a monthly subscription.

Serie A

This series showcases all of your favorite Italian soccer teams like Roma, Inter Milan and Juventus. You can live stream the games in this series with fuboTV, Sling TV or Sling International. Sling International starts at about $10 a month and offers BeIN Sports, which covers all of the soccer matches in the Serie A league.

You can get a 30-day trial for Sling International, so that you can make the decision in your own time to subscribe to this service on a monthly basis, should you see fit to do so. FuboTV offers access to BeIN Sports and BeIN Sports en Espanol starting at only about $7 for a monthly subscription.

The best option for all around live TV streaming however, it definitely Sling TV. Their Sling Orange package starts at $20 for a monthly subscription, and by adding the additional sports expansion package for $5, viewers are given a wide array of options that not only covers all the sport packages you need but will also provide you with access to non-sporting well-established TV channels.

No matter which soccer league you follow religiously, you can now legally stream your favorite soccer matches with the channels provided above. Sling TV with the additional sports package is, without a doubt, the best investment you can make in your soccer viewing pleasure. Other than just the soccer matches, they offer a whole variety of different channels to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the next great soccer match to be streamed in HD.

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