How to Watch Showtime Online Without Cable

Showtime is one of our favorite networks. Series like Homeland and Dexter keep viewers on the edge of their seat. Weeds, Nurse Jackie and Web Therapy are also binge-worthy. Yet, how do you watch these A-list shows without any interruption to your television schedule? These days you don’t necessarily need a cable subscription. The trend is going towards live streaming shows via the internet. It’s simplistic to do and here’s how to access it.

Watch Showtime on Amazon (Video on Demand)

First, sign up for an Amazon Prime account. This averages $99/year. With this membership comes thousands of free movies and television shows. For an additional $8.99, you can add on Showtime and get all the shows that are aired on that network.  In addition, you get all the shows that are featured on Amazon prime. This gives you the opportunity to explore thousands of new titles. Or, if you’re much like myself, it gives you time to watch your old favorite movies as often as you like.

Watch Showtime on Roku For free

Roku is a streaming player that offers the Showtime App for download. Once you sign up to a Roku account, you can use it to sign up and subscribe to Showtime Television shows. New subscribers are entitled to a 30-day free trial. Roku offers a lot more than Showtime. Other notable networks available on Roku are ESPN, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, The Disney Channel and the Food Network.

Sling TV and DirecTV Now are notably absent as a streaming option for Showtime. Why? I believe Showtime is being extremely picky on what streaming service can broadcast their TV shows, plus they have started their own standalone streaming service to compete with HBO Now.

Standalone Streaming App 30- Day Free Trial

Showtime has also launched its own standalone streaming service. It costs $10.99/month and you can sign up at Shows can be streamed through any device. This includes the Apple TV (what is Apple TV?), an iPad, iPhone or a computer. Similarly, you can watch Showtime through Android devices. Now you’ll never again miss an episode of Homeland or House of Lies. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to get started.

Watch Full Episodes On Hulu Free

Hulu is another option to stream Showtime without cable. Once you sign up for a regular Hulu account (new subscribers get a 7 day free trial), you can add on Showtime for an additional $8.99/month. This gives you access to all the content for both live stream services. Both of these live streams can stream on any device, including the Sony Playstation. You’re going to get some of the best comedies, dramas and action-packed movies throughout these two services.

Playstation Vue

Showtime has for whatever reason excluded DirecTV Now and Sling TV as an alternative streaming option for their content, but that exclusion doesn’t apply to Playstation Vue. If you decide to subscribe to Vue as your preferred streaming service, it will run you a whopping $75 per month for the Ultra package, which includes HBO and Showtime. Vue is more expensive compared to other streaming services on the market, but it offers a lot of exclusive content that you can’t watch anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Through these alternative streaming services, you’re going to gain access to thousands of movies and television shows. Adding Showtime onto your cable subscription would prove more expensive than any of these services combined.

This is due to the fact that cable companies charge an installation and labor fee to hook up any equipment, should you not already have cable. With all the non-cable services, you’re only being charged a monthly fee and able to watch the shows on more than your home television. That’s a bargain in itself, so why not cut your cable cord and give it a try?

TV Shows Available on Showtime

The Affair
House of Lies
Masters of Sex
Nurse Jackie
Penny Dreadful
Ray Donovan
Web Therapy.