How to Watch Giants Game Today Online Free Without Cable

The San Francisco Giants give us many exciting moments in Major League Baseball each year. They are a top team in the National League each year, and they’re not surprised when they make the playoffs. The team is one of the many things that San Francisco residents have to be proud of.

When fans want to find the San Francisco Giants game tonight, they don’t have to turn to cable. There are internet services today that let you watch all of the same great television channels without having to pay for cable. Most internet connections these days are fast enough to get these services. They seem a lot like watching on cable, only you don’t have to agree to have a service you’re not sure you want for a long time. Read more to see what great services are available today:

Join Sling TV to Watch Giants Game Online (Free Trial)

If you want to watch the Giants game today, Sling TV is a good place to look first. This service gives you the best options to see the Giants game live stream because it is only $20 per month to get in on the ground floor. The entry-level service gives you TBS, ESPN and ESPN2, so this is a great way to get the Giants game tonight.

There are actually two base channel groups that you can choose from. One is called the orange package, and that’s the package that contains TBS and ESPN. The other package is the blue package. That one has a number of NBC sports channels and Fox Sports channels, so it’s a good option, but not the best for watching the San Francisco Giants live stream.

Sling TV lets you try the service for seven days for free. If you want more than just the base channels, you have lots of options. Choose from however many add-on packages you like. They cost as little as $5. You can also get HBO and that costs $15 per month.

The service is pretty good when it comes to watching away from home. You can log in with your credentials and watch from pretty much anywhere, and the service also works on smartphones and computers as well as televisions that have a streaming device. You can even use the ESPN app to watch ESPN with your Sling TV credentials.

If plunking down $70 for a Roku doesn’t sound fun to you, Sling TV gives you a few options. If you’re good with three months of service when you sign up, you can get a free Roku 2. Alternatively, a Roku 3 or Apple TV are yours for a discount with the three months of service.

Stream Giants Game Today on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

PlayStation Vue is a similar service to Sling TV, and the two are competitors. The service is basically similar in that it uses the internet to stream the best in television, but there are some key differences. The service has a larger entry-level price for a larger base package.

For $29.99 a month, you can get more than fifty-five channels. TBS, ESPN and even FS1 are in the group of fifty-five, so this is a great way to get the Giants game tonight. The basic package of channels is varied, so it’s a good service for the whole family. The service is a bit behind the game when it comes to streaming compatibility devices and ways to watch away from the home device, but the service is working to quickly make upgrades in these areas.

Live Stream Giants Game Tonight on MLB.TV

This streaming service comes directly from the source, which is Major League Baseball. You can subscribe to the entire league or just a team, and the price is just $84.99. Local blackouts are a problem though, so don’t consider this a workable option if you live in San Francisco.

The service has a few free things, but it’s not watching the Giants live stream. You can get a real time box score for most games. There are also avenues to buy merchandise and game tickets on the website.

Use an Indoor OTA Antenna to Watch Baseball Games Live

There is another way to watch some games for free, and that’s with an OTA antenna. Fox is one of the great networks that still broadcasts television for free via OTA antenna. With a television and an antenna, you can watch any Giants game that airs on broadcast television for free. Enhance this experience with a DVR service so you don’t necessarily have to watch live.

Additional Ways Fans Can Watch Baseball Games, Movies and TV Shows Without a Cable Plan