How to Legally Watch Spurs Game Tonight Online Free Without Cable

The San Antonio Spurs are a team that has never let their fans down. Season after season, they proved to be one of the most fascinating teams to watch in the league. So much so, that their fans are now looking for new ways to catch all of the games. We understand.

If you’re Spurs fan who recently said goodbye to cable, below you’ll find a list of methods that will help you view as many San Antonio Spurs games online as possible this season. Best of all, all of the methods listed are absolutely legal.

With that out the way, let’s begin.

Sling TV Offers Live Streams of the San Antonio Spurs Online

When thinking of a great service to use for catching those San Antonio Spurs games online this season, Sling TV is one of the most amazing services you should consider. This service offers users an easy way to watch a large amount of live NBA games along with a variety of other awesome content. What’s greater about it, is it does it LEGALLY. We’ve composed a great review of Sling TV, but to keep it simple:

A working internet connection will provide you with constant access to Sling TV Smart phones, Chromecast, laptops, Rokus, and numerous other streaming devices are all capable of streaming shows using the Sling TV service More than 25 well known cable networks are provided to subscribers ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, TNT, and many more channels are included in most Sling TV packages No downtime! The Sling service is always available Live NBA games are broadcast on well-known stations (ESPN & TNT) The ESPN WatchESPN App provides access to ABC’s live NBA streams A “No Contract” service that allows its subscribers to cancel the service penalty free whenever they choose. A very affordable $20 a month

By using the Sling TV service, you’ll get access to an astonishingly large number of popular channels and amazing content for only a $20 monthly fee. When it comes to providing access to NBA games, Sling users are offered access to more than 100 games that are streamed LIVE during the NBA season. Postseason games (NBA All-Star Game and NBA Playoffs games) are also streamed LIVE to users as well. Making use of ESPN’s awesome WatchESPN app provides access to ABC’s live streams as well. They usually broadcast about 10-15 live games every season. Look for the OKC Thunder Games in the television schedule to find which games will be streamed that you’ll be able to view.

Since they know that different users have different desires, Sling TV has decided to offer multiple promotions to make using their service even more appealing:

There’s a FULL WEEK FREE TRIAL They offer subscribers who prepay for service for 3 months a FREE Roku streaming device They also offer subscribers who prepay for 3 months of service a discounted Apple TV

No matter which option you decide to choose, Sling TV will make sure you are able to make use of their great service. Remember, if you don’t find the service to your liking, cancel at any time without any hassles.

San Antonio Spurs Online & NBA League Pass

Although there are services such as Sling TV that provide its subscribers with a lot of different content to stream when they’d like, if you’d really only like to see as much live basketball action as possible, then the NBA League Pass service will give you all of the entertainment you could possibly want.

As the NBA League Pass service is created and owned by the NBA themselves, it streams more NBA content to its subscribers than any other service on the market to date. The service does however fall victim to blackouts of the local teams. It’ll be explained in a few.

What’s offered in NBA League Pass? Uh…:

Live & complete coverage of the entire NBA On-demand replays in HD of all games this season On-demand replays In HD of playoff Past season NBA classical match ups viewable on-demand and in HD

Back to explaining those local blackouts we mentioned a bit earlier. Due to the fact that local cable networks legally own the rights to broadcast in local team games in local areas, the NBA League Pass isn’t allowed to air them live. So, for a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to watch live streams of the Spurs game in San Antonio, it’s almost like “Mission Impossible” using NBA League Pass. It just won’t happen. Replays of the game will just have to viewed on-demand after it ends.

NBA League Pass offers its users more than one version of their service, each with its own benefits:

· ($199.99/season) – NBA League Pass – live streaming and replays of the entire league

· ($119.99/season) – NBA Team Pass – Single Team – live streaming and replays of NBA games

· ($6.99/game) – NBA Single Game Pass – live streaming of only a single game

NBA League Pass is also available on pretty much every device out that can stream. This is a service NBA super fans will absolutely love.


Playstation Vue = Watch the San Antonio Spurs Online


There’s another new streaming service brought to you by Sony called PlayStation Vue. The service resembles that of sling TV in that it allows its users access to many of the popular cable networks without the cable contracts. The PlayStation Vue service starts at around $30 a month, and even though more expensive than sling TV, many people still consider it a good option.

Each view package offers more than 50 channels to its monthly members. Spurs fans along with other NBA lovers will want to tune into ESPN and TNT. These channels will have live streams airing of over 100 games this season.

Subscribers need to be aware though. One of the downfalls of this service is that it doesn’t allow streaming of its content outside of the user’s home network. Considering their monthly price, that should not be a problem. Just stick with sling TV.


HD Antenna = San Antonio Spurs Games for Free


There are numerous networks that like to broadcast their programs over the air (OTA). With the use of an HD antenna, they can be picked up live on your television set for absolutely free. An example of one of these networks would be ABC. They frequently air live NBA games throughout the season that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own living room.

Check their schedule to see when games will be broadcast that you’ll be able to sit down and watch. In the event that your pressed for time and can’t enjoy the game when it’s being shown live, a DVR device will help fix that problem. Just record the games and watch them later.

The best thing about this method is that it can probably be taken advantage of right now with all of your current equipment.


Tip for International Users


International users don’t have to miss out on any of the NBA action this season due to not live in in the country. They can make use of a VPN (virtual private network) and even sign up for the NBA League Pass international service which will give them the same features that everyone else gets minus the blackouts.


Reading through this list has made you a qualified individual capable of watching any and all NBA games online. At this point, if you miss a game, it simply because you wanted to.

Alternative Services to Cable that we did not discuss: DirecTV Now, Hulu, Youtube Unplugged, Vidgo