What is Roku TV – Channel List, Review & Packages


Video streaming has never been any more popular than it is now. Streaming channels continue to grow in popularity and the devices that bring them to your television screen continue to increase. In the streaming device business, there are a few big industry players: Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku. Of all these put together, Roku is one of the best in the market today.

This Roku review takes a look at the company and it’s product from its early days, taking a look at the various packages offered today and how it compares to other streaming platforms like Apple TV and DirecTV Now.

It all started…

From its early beginnings in 2007 to its growth and present dominance in the US market today, Roku has remained a fascinating part of streaming history. Roku started as and still, is a digital media player (streaming) set-top box manufacturer. Roku was first owned by Netflix, but however, went independent due to fears that a Netflix-owned digital media player would prevent gaming devices and DVDs from featuring it on their devices. Hence the Netflix Streaming Player became known as Roku.

This streaming set-top box manufacturer (as it is known), has grown in folds since then. In the first two-quarters of 2016 Roku customers streamed over 4 billion hours of video and music, 1.5billion less than what was streamed in all of 2015. At end of June 2016, Roku TV held a significant share of 12% of the US Smart TV market. Thanks to OEM licenses to Sharp, Hitachi, Haier, Insignia, TCL and Hisense,Roku TV is sure to raise its dominance. If you are not resident in the United States, Mexico, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, you might probably be wondering,“What is Roku TV?” Roku Television is a smart television that offers a wide collection of paid and free channels through Roku Channel Store.

What is Roku TV’s drive?

Many of Roku’s competitors like Apple have stayed away from the television business and rightly so. For one, the television business is heavily congested and secondly, without a clear differential, companies like Apple are likely to fail in such a venture. Then take, for instance, the experience of Sony Bravia only two months ago. Sony announced sometime in September that over 50 of their smart TV models, which were released in 2012, were losing access to YouTube. Many of these models cost well above $6,000 dollars, the loss of which, should make many Sony customers very unhappy.

So, what does Roku know that Apple doesn’t seem to get?

Roku Television was founded on the belief that in the near future, streaming would be the only way for television. The televisions do not need a streaming device as they integrate the Roku streaming platform with the functions that would be normally expected of traditional television.

All Roku televisions work with the Roku channel store that streams channels like Netflix, PBS, Hulu, Sling tv, HBO, and Google Play Movies & TV, amongst 100’s of other channels, directly to your television.Roku reviews have also praised the Roku TV as delivering “the simplest and most comprehensive” smart television experience in the market.

Roku television sizes are between 24 – 65”. They do not produce the large sized televisions that stand at a risk of costing the users mega bucks in case the television becomes obsolete a lot faster than expected. In fact, the highest priced Roku television is the 65”4K Ultra HD television valued at $1096.99. Barely two years since inception, Roku TV occupies over 12% of the US Smart TV market. In other words, they must be doing something right. Since Roku TV is barely two years in the business, only time will tell how business savvy this move is.

Roku Packages

Apart from the television franchise, Roku packages and products include the Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra.Roku Reviews have rated the various Roku packages and the Streaming Stick has been deemed to offer the best value – with excellent performance – at just $50. The Streaming Stick happens to presently, be the only pocket-sized streamer with a quad-core processor making it more powerful than the Amazon Chromecast and Fire TV Stick.

What is Roku?

So here’s what we think of Roku. They are a dynamic, forward-thinking company, happy to step where others fear to thread. Dare say they are pretty much like Apple under the Steve Jobs era, set to conquer the streaming business. They are exactly as a Roku user said, “the best thing to happen in a long time.”