Roku Channel, Free Channels on Roku and Roku Apps

Roku is a new way to watch television. It’s a device that accesses your internet connection to bring television to your big-screen tv. You aren’t limited to watching just what you can find on broadcast television when you have a Roku. Instead, you can get use Roku to see television content that’s streamed to you from the internet.

A New Way to Watch

Roku works with or without cable. If you have cable, it’s a handy interface for finding your favorite shows and streaming your favorite channels. If you don’t have cable, you need a way to bring television to your television. For example, a Netflix subscription by itself doesn’t let you watch Netflix on your television. You need a streaming device like a Roku or a smart TV.

Roku is basically a computer that can pick up the internet and allows you to watch television via the internet, instead of needing antennas or cables. Some channels are live and others are on-demand. Some channels have commercials and some are commercial free. Roku pulls in the best from all sources so that you can find exactly what you want to watch.

Search Channels

Roku tv channels are a search of both free and paid television. The user interface is easy to use and it allows you to run a search so that you can find your favorites. These searches show you what Roku channels you can use to watch your favorite shows. The search shows you where to find the show or program and what you have to pay, if anything, to access it.

The channels that are available from Roku also give you an option to keep an eye on your favorite content. If you like a particular movie or show, you can flag it to keep track of when it’s newly available to watch or if the price drops. Another great feature of Roku channels is that you can pause live television when it’s time to go for a snack or make a phone call.

What Channels Can I Find?

Roku channels are the best of paid and free television. See what you can find with free channels such as PBS kids, or find the latest Netflix sensation. You can find some very unique and hard-to-find content using this streaming service. There are also music channels available and background channels, so it’s a multi-faceted service for all of your entertainment needs, even when you want to multitask or just enjoy background music. There are many churches and other religious organizations that allow you to access their feeds and religious services.

Roku Has Apps

Roku apps are available, too. You can make your smartphone into an easy remote control for your television with all the bells and whistles. Roku apps also have a search feature so that you can find good content when you’re on the go.

The What’s On feature is popular with Roku users. It’s basically an entertainment guide. The app gives you options to buy, rent or watch for free, depending on the content, and it can even hand pick different shows to recommend to you based on your preferences. The Roku apps work for both Android and iOS phones.

Another feature of the Roku apps is that you can use your phone with headphones. That keeps your viewing private for those around you. In addition, you can take photos and videos from your phone and play them on your big-screen television.

How to Get a Roku TV free

If you don’t want to pay for a Roku, there’s one way that you can get one for free. That’s with a subscription to Sling TV. If you want to watch traditional tv channels that you’ve heard of, such as CNN, ESPN or A&E, you can buy a subscription to Sling TV. This service starts at just $20 per month and it goes up from there if you want to add premium packages.

Although there’s no minimum term of subscription to Sling TV, you can agree to prepay for three months of service. If you do, Sling TV gives you a Roku 2, absolutely free. If you want a later model than that, you can get a Roku 3 for a hefty discount when you sign up for the three months of service. You can keep the service for as long as you like and cancel without a hassle.

How Much does Roku cost?

Once you own the Roku, there are no fees to pay each month for having the Roku or using it. When you search for Roku channels to watch, some of them require you to pay a fee to access the actual content. HBO GO and Netflix are examples of channels that require subscriptions or require you to pay a fee. Other channels are absolutely free for as long as you want to watch them.