How to Watch Rockies Game Today Online Without Cable Free

Denver Colorado has a lot going on. It’s one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Fans like to take in a baseball game while they are in town. The Colorado Rockies have fans all over the United States and the world.

New Ways To Watch Rockies Game Without Cable

When fans can’t take in a game in Denver, they want to follow the game on television. Just because you can’t make it to the stadium doesn’t mean you can’t see all the action from Colorado. That doesn’t mean having to buy cable, either. Instead, you can watch television using the internet.

This service is revolutionary, but it’s hardly uncommon, as millions of viewers have ditched cable in favor of internet-provided television. This system uses your existing internet connection to bring you live television, right as it airs, just like you’re used to. There are no gimmicks or surprises and it’s all completely legal. Dish Network and Sony are just a couple of the names behind these services.

You pay for the service, but it’s only a fraction of what you have to pay for cable, and it’s a more modern service. You also have more say over what channels you get and what you pay. If you want to find out more, here are reviews of the most popular ways for you to see the Colorado Rockies game tonight.

Watch Rockies Game Today Online Via Sling TV (Free Trial)

A great place to start if you’re looking for a Colorado Rockies live stream is Sling TV. Dish Network brings you this service, and they have changed the way that you watch television by lowering the price to $20 per month. That is the price that gets you twenty of the biggest hits in paid television. There is no limit to how much you can watch and for an extra fee, you can even watch in multiple places at once.

For the $20 fee, you get TBS and ESPN in the base package. That is enough for you to watch most Colorado Rockies games this year. CNN, TNT, AMC and other hits are also included in the base channels.

TBS is good for playoff games including division series and wild card games, and ESPN and ESPN2 broadcast regular season games during the week. If you want even more sports channels, there is a Sports Extra package that you can select. It’s only $5 more each month.

You can choose to watch on your laptop, tablet desktop or phone. You can also watch on a big-screen television. If you’re an Apple TV person, rest assured that Sling TV is compatible for that. Check out promotions for new subscribers and you can get a free Roku or seven days of free service.

Live Stream Rockies Game Tonight on PlayStation Vue

Another great way to see the Colorado Rockies game today is with PlayStation Vue. This is another powerful streaming service. It competes with Sling TV, and there are a few characteristics of the service that make it more attractive to some viewers.

Even though you pay more up front, you get more channels. ESPN and TBS come in the basic package, but so does FS1, so it’s helpful if you want to find the Colorado Rockies game tonight. There is also some on-demand content that users enjoy.

Watch Colorado Rockies Game Live on MLB.TV

If you want to pay $109.99 a year, you can watch every game, all year. That’s the price to buy all of the teams directly from Major League Baseball. One important caveat with this, though, and that’s local restrictions. These stop you from seeing your local team in the area where you live, so it’s not a good way to get the Colorado Rockies live stream if you live in Denver.

If you don’t like the $109.99 price, there is a lower price to just follow one team’s games for a season. The cost is per season, not per month. The MLB.TV website also has some other features and content that’s worth checking out.

FOX Sports on Antenna Television

Another way to see some of the Colorado Rockies this year is with an antenna television. FOX broadcasts some Rockies games, especially during the playoffs. There’s no charge to use this, but you need the right equipment.

You need a television that’s high definition and you need a high definition antenna to go with it. With this combination you can search for the signal and watch the Colorado Rockies live stream for free. Coverage of games is hit or miss, and this is not a great way to see all of the games this year. Even so, the price is right and you can watch all of the games that air without a cost or limitation.

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