How Watch Boston Red Sox Games Today Online Free Without Cable

Perhaps there is no more famous team in Major League Baseball than the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox fans often make the trip to watch their team at an away game. The team isn’t surprised when they make it to a division final or even to the World Series.

When fans can’t watch the games live in Boston, they want to make sure that they can watch the Red Sox game today without cable. The good news is, cable isn’t a hit, any longer. Instead, Red Sox fans are hitting the grand-slam home run by turning to internet streaming services.

How Do Streaming Services Work?

Internet streaming services work by channeling your existing internet connection in order to bring you television channels. You don’t have to have a cable because your internet connection is able to bring you the television channel feed. It doesn’t seem any different than watching the channel on cable, except the annoying cables and the large cable bill.

Watch Red Sox Game Today Live on Sling TV

One of the most popular streaming services is Sling TV, and this is a great option to watch the Red Sox game today. You can sign up in as little as a few minutes and access the Red Sox live stream immediately.

There’s nothing to commit to, because it’s a subscription service. You sign up when you want to and cancel the service if you ever don’t want it. Millions of subscribers love the service, though, so Sling TV keeps your business by providing you a great service, not by making you sign a contract that locks you into a long-term service.

Sling TV pares the base package down to the minimum, most popular channels. It’s only $20 for the Sling TV orange package, and that’s a great package to see the Red Sox live stream because it contains ESPN, ESPN2 and TBS. From there, you pick and choose the other channels that you want until you have the channels and the price point that you want.

There are more sports channels that you can get, and lots of extra ESPN channels in the Sports Extra package. That’s only an extra $5 per month. There are other packages that group lifestyle, news and even movies so that you can pay a small fee per month to have the channels. Keep the channels for as long as you want and modify your selections at any time. Take advantage of a seven-day free trial and a few other sign-up perks that Sling TV offers to new users.

Stream Red Sox Game Online With PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

If a large number of channels is more your thing, you might want to use PlayStation Vue to watch the Red Sox game today. This is because PlayStation Vue doesn’t mess around with its base package. For the entry level price of $29.99 or $39.99 depending on location you get the Access Slim package that has more than fifty channels in it.

The price is more in some places because PlayStation Vue has gone to great lengths to bring you local channels in major markets. Make sure that you read carefully when you go to sign up though, if local channels are what you’re going for, because they’re mostly available in large cities, and not even all large cities. The service is great among people who primarily watch at home, but there are some problems if you’re trying to watch remotely from a secondary location.

Sign up to MLB.TV to Stream MLB Games Today

Major League Baseball has its own internet streaming service. You can find it at MLB.TV. They offer a few different streaming options, depending on whether you want to watch all of the teams in Major League Baseball, or if you just want to choose one team to follow for the year. Costs are $109.99 for all the teams or $84.99 to choose a single team, and those costs buy you the entire season.

Be wary of local blackouts. You can’t watch the team of your choice in the area where they play. That means you don’t want this option if you’re a Red Sox fan in the Boston area. You can still watched archived content that they post shortly after the game airs, but it’s not a good way to watch the Boston Red Sox game tonight.

Over the Airways

Don’t forget that you can watch some Red Sox games air on regular broadcast television. You don’t need to pay a subscription for this but you do need the right equipment. You need to have a high-definition television and an antenna. Not all antennas are created the same, so buy the strongest signal that you can afford. Search for stations that air in your location and enjoy free television.